Monday, September 13, 2010

Found It At Goodwill!

Found it at Goodwill, four of my favorite words!!  Not too long ago, someone brought to my attention that they thought it was sad that I "always had to buy used stuff and never got new stuff".  What?!!?  I don't know about you, but I seriously LOVE being able to say I got it at Goodwill, or a yard sale, or auction, or best of all, for free!  I know that some people think that if it isn't new, its not worth having, I am NOT one of those people.  I think that if you got it for nothing and made it look awesome, that is SO much better than paying full price and having it be "new".  Don't get me wrong, it is fun to have new stuff too, and not everything in my house is "second hand".  But, I really, really enjoy hunting for bargains, and treasures at second hand stores.  It is an adventure, and sometimes a bit of friendly competition between friends.  Right now, my sister is way up on me, she keeps finding such great stuff in the TRASH!  I drove around town last Thursday night, checking out the trash piles in front of people's houses, it was just that, trash.  She does that, and finds darling desks, and tables, and chairs, really sis, its not fair.  (sigh)  Oh well, sorry for the mini lecture, I just wanted to make sure that you all are aware, that I truly love junking and finding second hand stuff!

On to the Goodwill finds!  First, I found these cloths for my niece and the Little Monkey.  At $2 each, they are not the best deal ever, but still a good deal.  All are either Gap or Old Navy.  Not bad, definitely better than full price!  Oh, and this picture, I know, I know, Sis is thinking "oh no, that looks like it belongs in Grandma's house!"  Not to worry, I bought it for the frame.  I'm thinking I might use it in my master bath, but not sure, it will go somewhere, it will be repainted, and it will look awesome!  After all, it was only a buck!

Next, my second favorite find of the day!  This is a 2 quart ice cream maker!

I have been looking for one all summer, seriously, all summer.  We love home made ice cream, but our White Mountain churn makes nearly 5 quarts, which is great when you have company, not so great when there are just 3 of us.  Also, Little Monkey has some issues with lactose, so we like to use lactose free milk to make ice cream.  That makes an already expensive treat even more expensive!  This way, it won't be as expensive.  It takes less ingredients, only about one ice box full of ice  so I don't have to buy ice, and I can do it when ever I want!  I paid $3.95 for this gem!  They retail for about $25 when you can find them.  This particular brand does not require that you put the container in the freezer ahead of time, which is nice, cause I don't have room!  I found a bunch of these on ebay, they were all used and selling for $25 plus $15 shipping!! Crazy!

Here is the peach ice cream we made with the new machine last night.  Yummy!

Note to self, next time don't let Little Monkey have home made ice cream unsupervised!  After she ate all she wanted, she proceeded to dip her hands in the melted stuff and then spread it all over her arms and hands and face like it was lotion.  After I got past the initial irritation (cause I knew this would require a bath to clean up, and this would be #2 today) I got the giggles.  Hubby just laughed and said it was probably good for her skin (she has excema).  She got to play in it for a bit, then got a bath.  

Now, for the best buy of the day!!  I got this antique hat box, with an antique velvet hat still inside for.......wait for it......$1.95!!!!!

The antique hat
I could not believe it!  It is currently in the family room, and there it will stay, just not sure what the final resting place will be.  For now, I like it on top of the antique Lane hope chest (which I've had for ages, paid $50 for it at a yard sale, this was before I learned to bargain a little more.).

My last good buy of the day, a t-shirt at Marshall's for ......$2!!!!
I love clearance cloths!!!  This is a little bit big, so I'll wash it and dry it, and if it doesn't shrink enough, I'll hem it so it is shorter.
So, what deals did you find this weekend?  Tell me about  them, its kinda fun to "brag" about your cheap finds!
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  1. Cool finds Mel! Looks like you had fun. In regards to the trash digging--you have to go to middle class neighborhoods (at least that's been my experience). And, a lot of times I don't find anything at all. You just have to keep going out and giving it a try! You never know what you will find just around the corner.

  2. I know, I just live out in the country, even though it is "town", its a small town. I found out that the trash guys will only take household trash, and that 2-3 times a year they will do special pick ups for other stuff like furniture. I'll just have to wait for those times to go out and check!

  3. Wow, looks like you found some great finds. I'm with you...I love a bargain. Probably the only thing I absolutely won't buy used is a mattress. Otherwise, anything goes. Cracks me up about the monkey getting into the icecream. Too funny. LM

  4. We love hand-me-downs and second hand stuff too! Our lives are 95% second hand. We lost everything we own in a fire 2 years ago, and with insurance that was illegally sold to us, we had no funds to rebuild our lives. That is where our love and appreciation for other people's "cast offs" was born. Our babes are 18 months and I have never bought them a stitch of clothing. If we don't have it in a hand me down, I go to my pile of scrap cloth (also passed to me from someone's cast offs) and make them something to wear. We are truly frugal and LOVE to shout about it! :)

  5. I love garbage picking.....well you scored some good stuff at the goodwill, I always leave there with a little something.

  6. Great finds! I enjoy the hunt as well.Love the hat box.

  7. Yeah for the ice cream maker and the hat in the box. The hat-box and box are an unbelievable find.