Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Earthquake in Virginia?

Yep, you've all probably heard by now, we did have an earthquake here in Central Virginia.  The epicenter, in Mineral is about 40 minutes away from my house.  We were shopping in Charlottesville, in Old Navy at the time.  People's reactions were kind of funny.  Well, first let me explain, I grew up in Southern California, so earthquakes are nothing new to me.  The reason it was funny to me, most people were just confused.  They thought it was a big plane or helicopter going over.  My hubby looked at me and said thats weird, and I said no its an earthquake.  I picked Little Monkey up and walked quickly for the front of the store.  Hubby thought I was panicking, not so.  I just don't trust the buildings back here, they are not made for earthquakes.  Most people had started walking to the front, some were sitting on the floor looking bewildered.  After wards we all looked at each other shrugged and went back to our shopping. 
The quake measured 5.8, which is relatively minor.  Truly it is, I promise.  As the day wore on, I have to say I started to get a bit irritated at people.  So many were FREAKING OUT about the fact that they took the North Anna nuclear power plant off line.  Like there was a problem.  I kept hearing people say things like, "well they say its fine, but that's what they said in Japan too."  I am sorry, but that is just stupid.  There is an even larger nuclear power plant in California, and every time they have a quake, they take it off line, just in case.  There has never been a problem.  All nuclear power plants are built to the same specifications in the US so they can with stand an earthquake, fire, etc, without too many problems.  Just in case you didn't hear, there were no problems at the North Anna plant. 
Several friends of mine live in Mineral, and from what I've heard the damage is pretty minor.  There is one old plantation home that has some significant damage, which is sad.  However, it is to be expected.  There are so many old homes and buildings that were built in the 16, 17, and 1800's around here, and they just were not made to stand up to an earthquake. 
I am very glad that no one was injured, so far I have not even heard of any injuries.  On the sort of plus side, the students of the Louisa County School district are excited, school has been cancelled until after Labor Day.  One school was damaged, and they don't really know if it is structurally sound yet.  The kids think its great since they are only one week into school.  I think they have forgotten that this will mean school will go longer, but lets not tell them just yet.  (smiles)


  1. Oh wow! I am sorta glad this happened because now I know who my fellow VA bloggers are! lol

    Glad everyone is safe!

    I was sitting at my desk at work talking to a student then all of a sudden my desk started shaking. I thought it was a washer off balance (I work at a massage school) then I realized the whole floor & building was shaking! I was one that was confused! My first though in VA wasn't earthquake. It was pretty interesting to feel the earth move. I am much farther than 40 min away from Mineral, Va...and I felt it at about 1:56pm.

    Once (maybe twice if I stay on the East Coast) in a life time experience!

  2. So glad that you and yours are fine. Human nature says we all have to worry about something... at least us Westcoasters don't have to worry about earthquakes.