Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Master Suite Reveal Part 1

Time for the Big Reveal!!  Oooo I have chills! Sorry, but it's my first big reveal.  Okay, here goes.

This is the master suite just before we moved in.

This is the master suite now.

I really love green.  It is a peaceful, restful, cool color.  I love green in all shades and tones.  I wanted to be able to walk into the master bedroom after a long hard day and feel refreshed, relaxed, and calm.  Hubby and I had a difference of opinion on the exact shade of green for this room, but we both wanted green.  He liked a light green, I liked a darker green.  While I was away visiting family he decided to mix the two colors together, and then he painted the room.  He called to tell me about it, and I can tell you I wasn't so sure about it, but.....I love it!!!!  The color is everything I wanted!!! 

The bedspread came from Target, it was one of those things, we both looked at it and said "hey, I kinda like that."  That sealed the deal for me.  As soon as it went on clearance (of course) I bought it, $35.  As a housewarming gift my mom bought me stuff to make a bedskirt (which I have not done yet) and also bought me some decorative pillows.  I am planning on doing something a little different with the pillows eventually, but not right away. 

The bedside table, I have a different lamp, but it needs a new cord, the lamp was $8 at an auction.  The pot came from TJ Max, $4.
I love this sweater chest.  Hubby bought it about 4 years ago, we were in desperate need of storage space, so this was perfect.  The frame that is sitting on top of the chest will go on the wall, it is one I have had for a while, just added a coat of spray paint.  Hubby does the picture hanging in our house.  You should see him, he gets out a 4 foot long level, tape measure, pencil, nails and picture hangers, and of course, a hammer.  That picture will be dead center, and level.  Its a good thing he does it, because I can never get it just right.  So, one night soon we are going to have a picture hanging night, and this one will go up.  The green vases are from Marshalls and Home Goods, $4 and $4. 95.  The tall milk bottle came from a friends basement, the short one from an auction, $1.  The clear pot with the flower and rocks came from Marshall's, the rocks and flower from WalMart, total cost $10. The short vase with a candle came from Home Goods for $1, the candle was $2 at TJ Max.

Not quite sure what I am going to do with the dresser, the yellow pot will definitely stay.  I painted it myself, you may have seen it featured on The Virginia House's We Can Do It Cheaper Thursday link party a couple of weeks ago.  If you would like to see the tutorial, click on the link above.  The chair in the corner came from an auction, $2!!  It is solid walnut, I could not believe it sold for so cheap.  I want to recover the seat, it is currently covered in red vinyl, but I have not found quite the right fabric yet. 
This brings us back to my desk.  In case you couldn't tell in the previous picture, the chair in the corner matches my desk perfectly!  The desk came from craigslist, and we paid a bit for it.  However, it is perfect and I love it!

So far the cost of decorating these rooms, $72.95.  I set myself a $100 limit for the master bed and bath, and so far I am under it.  We'll see how I do with the finishing touches!

I hope you all enjoyed this tour of our bedroom.  I love the room, and I can't wait to finish it!  Later this week I will be showing you the master bath, and a few things that are in the works for the master suite.  As always, if you have any ideas please, please let me know!!  I am always on the look out for more ideas.


  1. awesome! this room looks like a peaceful get away!

  2. thanks Moe, that is just what I was hoping for!!

  3. Following you back! Love the reveal; you did a great job. The room looks relaxing and serene.

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    Happy Tuesday!! Love the bedroom BTW!

  6. You did an awesome job with the room! It is great. I'm stopping in from FMBT. I am following you now.

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    You bedroom is comfortable looking and unique! Love it!

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  8. What a wonderful room. It looks so fresh and clean -- very inviting! I'm happy to be your newest follower.

  9. Beautiful job! Love the green!

  10. You have a beautiful room! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Anything Related!