Friday, August 20, 2010

Living Room/Dinning Room Reveal

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for!!  Wait, you mean you weren't waiting for it?  Oh.....well, I'm gonna show you anyway!  Here is my living room/dinning room.  This first view, if you are standing at my front door and look to the right this is what you see.

This view, if you are standing directly across from the front door, still the living room.
This view is the dinning room.
This is the dresser next to the front door.

Okay, first, the dresser will be moving to the opposite side of the front door.  So it will actually be in the living room instead of the dinning room.  Second, the cream/tan (dirty looking) chair next to the front door will be going bye bye, that is where the dresser will go.  Above it will be that old window turned mirror that Hubby found, I told you all about it here.   So, what I am thinking, as far as a decorating theme is coastal.  Not beachy, coastal.  The difference, not totally sure.  :)  I have this picture, below, and I love the colors.
This is what I mean by coastal.  This picture reminds of photos I have seen of the coast of Maine during the fall.  That is what I want.  I want a coastal look with fall colors, red, green, yellow, gold, orange, brown, and hints of turquoise thrown in (like my old canning jar on the dresser).  Here is the other challenge, I love the chippy would look, but I have a beautiful cherry dinning room table and buffet, and no, I will NOT paint them!  Sorry, I love how they look, and they are not very old.  Chippy wood just doesn't seem to quite go with my dinning set.  I want this coastal look, but I want it to be classy and not too casual, as the beach look can be.  So, do you all think you can help me?  I'm just not sure how to pull this off.  Oh, and one other problem, so far Hubby is not sold on this theme, but he said I could keep going with it till he totally vetoed.
Please Help!!  Do you have any ideas, either for a coastal look or some other look?  I am totally open to ideas!!
White House, Black Shutters



  1. I think your choice of fall colors can help it not be too casual. Add in some pillows or curtains in those colors and choose fancier fabrics, like something silky.(instead of the cotton/burlap beachy look) Also keeping decor focused more on boats and water, maybe, than on sand and shells. I know what you're trying to do, it's just hard to describe!! Good luck!

  2. I love the idea of this. I will have to think about ideas to help you. I am a thinker and it takes me awhile. Wood and candles keep coming to mind so far. I have a friend that lives in Maine and she has some wonderful photos that I can ask her to resend me and you could use them as art work. Let me know if you want them. They are awesome! She lives on a lake!

  3. Okay, so I just talked to my sis over at Frugal Mom Decor, and thought I better add a couple comments about my living room project.
    1. I know, there is WAY too much furniture in the living room. It is not going to stay this way. I am working on Hubby to get rid of the blue recliner, its in sad shape.
    2. The toy kitchen will be migrating upstairs, eventually, as soon as I convince my daughter that is where it needs to be.
    3. The table next to the recliner will be going as well.
    4. The chalk board next to the buffet, it will be going upstairs, not in the dinning room. At the moment, it keeps the Little Monkey busy when I am trying to cook. I want to make a chalkboard for my kitchen that she will be able to use instead.
    5. I am not totally sold on the Coastal theme. I just know that I want to use the fall colors. Generally when I see decor with those colors it is pumpkins, and harvesty, or floral. I don't really like that kind of stuff. So, if you have a better idea, I am ALL FOR IT!!!!
    6. Almost forgot, the rug in the living room, it will be going bye bye too.

    Thanks for your ideas so far, please keep them coming!

  4. Hi Melissa,
    That makes me feel better that you'll be getting rid of some furniture.:-) I love the picture. Great colors. I think you can incorporate those colors without doing a harvest or floral theme. Pillows and curtains would do it. Also, if you wanted to add a bit more coastal theme without being beachy you could do something with more of a ship or a ships steering wheel. I do think that picture can stand alone though and and just add the colors you want. Auntie L

  5. One more thought, did you ever think of hanging the picture in the living room area. It's always easy (at least for me) to find wall art for a dining room but not as easy for the living room. If the picture was already in the living room it would help draw all of your colors together. LM

  6. Me again, I love your buffet. I don't blame you for not wanting to do anything to it. I wouldn't either. lm

  7. Great room! Your floors are gorgeous!! I am glad you are getting rid of some of the furniture in your living room. And I love the white dresser. I agree with another poster that you should think about moving your artwork into the living room and then I would hang a mirror over your buffeet in the dining room. I also wonder what it would look like to move your piano over into the coner of the living room near that front window. I cannot tell from the pictures exactly how big the piano is or if it would fit there. I am interested to see what you end up doing... Good luck! :)

  8. I love the picture and think it's a great starting point. I also love the hardwood floors and the piano, so you've got a lot going for you! I have reds and browns in my living room, and I like the idea of using the greens and blues in the picture to keep things from seeming seasonal or too dark. Maybe use a brighter color found in the picture as the wall color, then use the reds and oranges as accessories (rug, pillows, candles, etc.). Good luck!

  9. Thanks so much for linking up to Help Me Wednesday, sorry it's taken me a few days to get back here.

    I love the "coastal" idea, I understand what you're saying, even though it is hard to describe. I would add pillows and accessories in the warm colors you described, yet still with a bit of the same green to tie it into the room. Like other comments, I would move the painting, maybe above your couch? For curtains, I realy like my LENDA curtains from IKEA in white. They're only $15 a pair and kinda remind me of the sails of a boat, to tie in with your theme. Plus they're cheap so I don't have to worry about little kids getting them all dirty. Old items like your window (LOVE IT!!!) and maybe some old weathered wood or boating accessories not in the normal beachy colors would add to it.

    I think you've got great ideas so far, make sure you keep us updated on the progress! I think this room has great potential. As far as the kitchen and chalkboard, I have kids toys in here too, it's just a part of life!

    Have a great day, come party any time with us!
    -Ann Marie :)