Friday, September 10, 2010

A Week In Review and a Thank You!

Hmm, okay, you all were right, I was way too ambitious this week.  Didn't even get half the stuff on my to do list done, but that's okay!  My desk is nearly there, tomorrow I will be buying the hardware to finish it up so I can show you all next week.  The antique school desk, well.......lets just say all is not going well.  That old paint just does NOT want to come off.  I need to look for some different paint stripper, something stronger I think.  My house did not get fall cleaned yet, we had to reschedule for next week, which might be better anyway!

So, I did get all my consignment sale stuff done! YEAH!!  Hubby was so sweet tonight, he generally is not one to help me with the consignment sale stuff, oh, he'll deliver it if needed, and help carry it all to the car, but that's as far as his involvement goes.  Not so tonight.  I came down with a cold last night, crazy how you go to bed feeling fine, wake up and you have no voice, a cough, headache, and runny nose.  Alas, that is life.  After eating a late dinner (my manicotti just did not want to cook through tonight) I was sorta complaining about being up so late finishing this stuff.  Hubby, picked up my sheets of tags and the paper cutter, and cut them all apart while I pinned tags.  Was that nice or what?  So, I was done by 11 pm, instead of 12.  I know, this is a little thing right?  Really, not so little, this was a big help for me, and I can't tell you how I appreciate it.   Tomorrow he is going to help me deliver it all too! 

How did your week go?  Did you get everything done on your to do list?  I hope you have gotten farther on your to do list than I did!!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope you feel better. Very sweet of C to help you out. LM