Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hubby's Great Find!

So, last night Hubby gets home and has a little surprise for the Monkey, she of course is thrilled beyond belief!  Then he tells me to go look in the bed of the truck, that there is also a little something for me. Woohoo! So of course I go traipsing outside to see what I have.  In the back of the truck is this little beauty!

This is an old window, turned mirror.  However, someone put this big heavy piece of plywood on the back, and it looks like it used to be part of an old sign, but they left some of the sign showing.  Weird huh?  How did Hubby get this you might ask?  Well, one of the really great things about his job, he's a plumber, is that he is in and out of people's houses and basements.  He happened to be in a rental house that was empty, the landlord was having to clean out the junk the last tenants left, and told Hubby he could have what ever he wanted.  I love it when that happens!!  He knew I was wanting some particular things for the living room, and so he came up with this!  I love it!  So, last night after the Monkey went to bed he set about to fixing it so it would look pretty.  He used a little of this:

Dap Glazing, as you can see it costs $6.19 at the local hardware store.  It is kind of like putty, you get a big chunk and roll it out like a rope, then press it in against the wood and mirror till it looks like this.

See all the chippy goodness?

Here is the finished product!  It will look so nice hanging in my living room!!  I'm trying to decide if I should add some knobs to the bottom so I could potentially hang some dried flowers from it, or maybe something else, what do you all think?  Please let me know!

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  3. What a great find! I just love it when hubby bring a treasure home :)

  4. How fun to find an extra bonus at the end of a job. Yeah! I really do love the versatility of old window frames. And, thanks for the follow from Tuesday Tag Along. Right back at ya! ;) Pam @ Sallygoodin P.S. Your bird tray a few posts down turned out very, very well! :)

  5. Great find! Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick. :)

  6. Great job, I love old frames! Thanks for following, I am following you back!
    Bonnie :)

  7. So many cool things to do with old windows...I once saw someone do wine lables painted...it looked cool. I have a before and after party going on now and every other Wed. Also, I see you are into thrifting and antiques....well so am I, and every Friday I host a garage salen party. Hope to see you soon..Debbie

  8. That is a good feature of his job, kind of a win/win/win? Great score!

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  10. hanging 'pegs' from the bottom edge - 2 ideas -
    - old silver serving spoons... flatten the scoop part, bend the handle (to use as a hook for hanging hats / scarves) and fasten to the bottom edge of your frame by nailing right through the flattened spoon. 2 or 3 would work.
    - I have a beautiful panel that uses old door handles as pegs --- the lovely crystal / glass type.
    Have fun! great idea!