Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Would You Buy It?

So, I am wondering, would you buy this?
This is a necklace made from Swarovski Crystals, old washers, spacers, very thin nuts, and an old numbered tag, maybe for an animal or a locker?  The tag has some oxidation on it that turned it green in places, I love the patina it gives.
So, would you buy it for $18?  I am joining Junker Newbie in Would You Buy It Wednesday!

Just found out some exciting news last night!  My mom and my sister and her two boys are coming for a visit in a few weeks!!!!  I can't wait!  I haven't seen them since December 31st, last year!  My sister hasn't been here in almost 3 years, plus she has never been to my new house!  This is great motivation for me to get a whole bunch of projects done!  Hopefully I'll have lots to show you soon!


  1. Don't exhaust yourself! I'm sure I'll love your house just the way it is. Looking forward to seeing all of you guys and spending a week hanging out!

  2. If I saw a necklace like that I would probably think to myself that I could make it rather than buy it.
    Have a great time with your family visiting, it's always a great motivation to get projects finished!

  3. Fun necklace...infact I did buy a similar tool tag on a mixed metal tag from a friend who makes great jewelry too :) Laurel

  4. like the necklace. I am so jelouse the fam is coming without me. I guess I should not be since I will have a new baby and be recovering still but I wish I could come so bad

  5. How exciting to have your family coming for a visit!! My sister is coming for a visit this weekend. It's always a good time.
    My jewelry now mimics my home decor.....vintage and repurposed. I love the odds and ends used in the necklace so yes, I would have bought it.