Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Protesting Winter

Have I mentioned that I hate winter?  No?  Well, I do, I really do.  Particularly now, we are about halfway through winter here in Virginia and I long for color.  Everything is brown, and gray, and white, with little spots of green thrown in.  Monochromatic.  I hate it.  I live for color, thrive in it in fact. 

This picture was taken at 3 this afternoon.  I know, you are thinking its just a little fluffy snow, but underneath is something much  more sinister.  Its a little innocuous thing the weatherman calls "a wintery mix".  What is that?  for those of you who live in those warm states (I'm envious) it is a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain, and today we added hail to that.  Yep, we got it all today.  So now you have a layer of icey junk under the pretty fluffy snow.  Makes for dangerous driving, and a slippery surprise when you walk out the door. 

Hubby and little monkey did have some fun in it, they made a snow man.  Little Monkey got cold, so the snow man doesn't have a face yet, she decided she would do that in morning.

So, how do I handle this kind of weather?  I close the curtains, my fun summery curtains, and I craft, and I buy myself some springy flowers. 

I picked these up at Wally World last night, I love tulips.  They are my favorite flower.  Every time I look at them I smile, I feel like I can breath again, they make this weather bearable. 

I know a little melodramatic, but I really do get tired of winter, and the lack of color.  Don't believe me?  My first winter here I was so starved for color Hubby loaded me in the car to run to town for a few things, the first stop was Lowe's.  He led me back to the indoor garden area and there were primroses everywhere!  I was almost in shock, the colors were so bright and wonderful!  It is now an annual thing, I go every winter when I start feel the winter blues!
Hope you all are faring well, if you have winter blues, treat yourself to some tulips, they will make you happy again!


  1. That is why I left Buffalo NY...I hate winter. SC has not been the greatest winter either this year. I need some sun!

  2. I don't mind winter but I do wish it wouldn't go on for so long.

  3. I agree with you about the drabness of winter. And yesterday was pretty weird, first thunder and then hail! But once the snow started falling it was so pretty that my eyes kept being drawn to the windows. And now this morning is gorgeous with thick, fluffy snow covering everything like white frosting. After a good snowfall or two I am ready for Spring!

  4. Hey Melissa. A little tip that Martha H. told me. If you put a shiny penny in the bottom of your vase, the tulips will stay standing up and not fall sideways. We could use some winter weather here. It's in the high 70's with no cooling trend in sight. I like the sun but we're planning on going to Mammoth next weekend so it would be fun to have some fresh snow! Oh well. I guess I can be content with our great weather.