Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Finds Part 1 and a Winner

Where has the day gone?  I fully intended to have this post all ready this morning, and here it is afternoon, sorry all!

So, this weekend was all my choice of things to do.  Pretty neat huh?  Hubby told me he was along for the ride, just to tell him what I wanted to do.  What did I choose?  An auction on Saturday and junking/antiqueing on Sunday.  Wait, you say, isn't this the norm?  Indeed, I love to do these two things, and we do them often, however we usually have Little Monkey with us, and that means that I spend a lot of time saying don't touch, don't sit, get away, no,no, no.  Don't get me wrong, she does really great with these thins, especially since she is only 3.  But I wanted a kid free weekend, and to be able to browse without hurry.  So, LM went to Grandma's house (thank you Grandma!) and mommy and daddy had fun.  The auction was long, and fun, but part way through we realized two things, A. my allergy meds were not working, and B. hubby had pink eye.  After the auction and dinner at Red Lobster (is it just me or is that place WAY over priced?) we went home and crawled into bed at 9:30, which is unheard of in our house.

Here are some of our finds, sorry the pictures are not better, I was in a hurry so I could put things away, and pack up others to get them out of my living room.

This was hubby's buy, isn't it beautiful! $45! A steal I think.  It is old, and chippy, love it!
Close up detail, it used to be gilt, the auctioneer told me I'd have a pretty mirror if I re did the gilt. YUCK! Can you imagine?
an old writing box, and 3 trays that are going to get a make over.
two old, chippy awesome frames, and one cheapy foam frame. The white one will be a mirror for our upstairs bathroom, after a bit of glue and nails anyway.
collection of little frames, they came with the big ones above. $5 for all!
two lazy susans, and two stools, not sure what I will do with them.
box of misc. buckles, and such.
misc old frames that will become something else!
misc old frames that will get new life, the two in the back may go in my room, they are so pretty, the color doesn't really show up in these pictures
Well, that is part one, the rest will be shown tomorrow!  As you can see, it was an interesting auction.

So, on to our winner! I used a random number generator, and number 39 was chosen!

AnnaKaye87 said...
i looked at the catolog and fell in love with pretty much everything!!
Congratulations Anna, I'll be sending you an email shortly!  Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway, I wish I could give a bag to everyone, but alas, I am not independently wealthy!
Thanks also for all the birthday wishes!


  1. I am seriously drooling over the trays...

  2. Congrats, AnnaKaye! You got some serious loot on your shopping expedition! I cannot wait to see what you do with everything. What is the old writing box like on the inside? What will you do with it?

  3. Happy Birthday a day late. Sorry I didn't get your birthday wishes out on time. Check my blog later this week and you will see what was going on here. It looks like you had a good weekend. Loving the frames!!!!! I am always on the lookout for those big, ornate, old, chippy frames. Don't find them much around here. Sounds like I need to make a trip out to visit you. :) Congrats to Anna! Have a good week.

  4. That auction sounds like so much fun. I really don't think they have things like that down here in SoCal. I do plan on going to the antique swap meet over here at Vets stadium this Sunday. Can't wait. I'm looking for an old mirror to go above my bedroom fireplace. Hey! you just got one. Lucky.