Friday, March 18, 2011

A Craft Show, and an Announcement

Hi All!  Sorry for the absence this week!  I promise I had a good excuse!  In fact, you might have noticed that for the last 8 weeks I have been very hit and miss here.  I am sorry for that.  8 weeks ago my hubby came home with an application for a local craft show.  He thought I should give it a go. It took me the better part of a week to finally be convinced it was something I could do.  After talking to two friends, we all decided to do it together.  So, with 7 weeks notice, and normal life going on around me, I set out to make lots of stuff for the sale.
I must admit, 7 weeks was not really enough time, I have been working like crazy.  Here are some of the items I have made. Almost 200 fabric flower/pins, some went to Sugarbritches, the rest for the show

Chalk board in an antique frame

burlap covered cork board in a vintage frame
I have other items as well, but they are not all ready for pictures, I'll take some pictures and show you all the rest next week!

I owe my hubby and daughter both a lot of gratitude.  They have suffered through a less than perfect house, and several sandwich dinner's in the last 2 weeks.  I know my hubby is more than tired of the mess all this makes, and I have tried to keep things picked up and cleaned up, but he hasn't complained, at least not much. :)  My little Monkey has been very helpful, and loves to watch what I am making, but I know that in the last week, she hasn't gotten as much mommy time as she has wanted.  After tomorrow, it will all be over, and I will be all hers!  Also, a big thank you to my mother in law, who is always willing to have Little Monkey when I am in crunch time.  Little Monkey is heading to Grandma's house tonight, and staying the night since I have leave by 7 am.  That is a might early for her.

Now, for my "big" announcement?  After lots of taking it over with hubby, and my sister, The Frugal Decor Mom, I am opening an Etsy store!  In case you didn't know, my sister just opened one last week, The Frosted Hippo.  We have been encouraging each other for the last few weeks and we both decided to take the plunge.  So, hopefully by Monday night Kensington Cottage will have an etsy store!  I hope you will stop in Monday for our Grand Opening!!


  1. Yippee! I'm so glad you are opening yours! I made my first sale today and I am so excited but nervous to! Love all the clips. Hope you have a lot of success at the craft show!

  2. I wish you well at your "show" (that's what we professional "sellers" call them ;-> ) Take some pictures of your display (others may not want you taking pictures of their crafts in case of piracy, or whatever) The first show is always a mystery and so exciting... I will be thinking about you. And congratulations on opening a store.

  3. Good job Melissa! I am sure that you will do fine. I'll be thinking about you tommorrow. Congratulations on the opening of your Etsy store. I can't wait to see your goodies! Terry

  4. Good for you! Hope all goes well. Does this mean you will be too busy to participate in my giveaway this weekend? Hope you can squeeze a few seconds in to check it out. As you know I've been talking Etsy too. I'll be waiting to see how it goes for you. Good luck!

  5. I just love those flowers! So pretty! Hope all goes well with the Etsy shop. I've been thinking about it too, but I'm not ready for that yet. Good luck!