Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage Button Charm Bracelet

So, a few weeks ago I told you all here that I was working on a button bracelet.  It has had many drafts, and remakes, and just plain starting over.  I finally decided I just needed different chain, something wide and a little chunky.  That solved all my problems! 
Here is my inspiration,
Gypsy Button Bracelet by Creative Kismet

Here is what I made...

The Firefly button came from the Button Swap, such a cool button!  I pretty much love all of the buttons on this bracelet, they are all vintage, and all chosen from my stash!

See that brass button that says Paris?  That was one of my favorites from the Button Swap!  I also got the small pearl and crystal button in the Swap, love that one too!
 This was my first time doing a beaded loop and button closure on a bracelet.  I don't know if I did it right, but it worked!  I used elastic thread and threaded the beads on, then I tied it off, and then tied to the metal loop.  Simple, and it works.

 What could make a better combination, glittery, vintage loveliness!
 See the button on the end, the fisherman, I only have one like it in brass, but I have a whole set in pewter.  I think they are so unique looking and detailed it is amazing.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the pewter ones.
I layered the buttons, large on one side, small on the other.  Most of the buttons I used were shank buttons, but there are a few normal buttons.  I did this so that when I am wearing the bracelet the small buttons hang over the large, it looks really nice (at least I think so!!)  The only minus, its kind of a loud bracelet!  

If you want to try making one of these, I highly reccomend getting a larger heavier chain, and the secret weapon?  Oval Jump rings made by Blue Moon Beads, they can be found at Joanne's, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby.  They were great, the jump rings come in three sizes, I used some of the middle size, and ALL of the large size.  They made the buttons hang better than the round jump rings that I started with. 
I hope you will try one of these, they are fun when they are done!
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  1. What a lovely project. It turned out so nice. I get when you say it is loud, you can wear it only sometimes.

  2. Really like that bracelet! I'm not a huge jewelry person but if I do wear it I like it to be eclectic. That's eclectic!

  3. Melissa your bracelet turned out beautiful and I agree what's better than shiny vintage buttons.

  4. OMGoodness, how pretty!!! I love it, and I like that all the buttons are so unique and different!

  5. That turned out really well!

  6. It's beautiful! You did an amazing job!