Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Monday # 26

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend!  We were in Augusta, Georgia all weekend for a family reunion, it was great fun but not condusive to sleeping so I am a little behind this morning!  I hope you all enjoy my favorites!

These are some things I pinned in my for me file.  The first a reminder and tips of what I don't want my daughter to be concerned about. This is from The Baby Dust Diaries

This is in a different language, but pretty self explanatory, I need to make some of these! This is from
This idea is definitely being put into use, and soon! This comes from Born Fabulous Baby Boutique.
Do everything without whinning or complaining.
If you use Instagram, this site is awesome! allows you to turn your Instagram photos into super cute magnets!  I just had some made for my dad, he's going to love them!
This skirt just made me stop and say WOW!!  I love the vintage look mixed with the comfort of denim.  This is from Bohemmian Envy on

These are totally awesome! Camibands! They can be used to raise a neckline, or lengthen your t-shirt, or any number of great ideas! They have pretty reasonable prices too.

I hope you all like my personal picks!


  1. Interesting and quite a array of choices to look at. I would seriously need a much higher 'fake camisole' than that one tho... I almost thought for a minute that it would hide the extra 'bubbles under my shirt' that seem to want to expand out of my bra. I think I just need to enlarge the garment size, sigh. If your dad didn't know about the coming magnets - he does now.

  2. That skirt is very pretty, like the cami bands too!

  3. Somehow I've missed your last few posts. I guess because I haven't gotten on Blogger lately. Someone just recently mentioned to me that I haven't blogged anything in a while. I'm going to get onto that. Anyway, I love the Instagram magnets. I'm looking to get an Ipod soon and I will be able to join the Instagram fun. Can't wait. I just may have to do some of these magnets.