Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Hi all!  Sorry I wasn't around yesterday.  Had some computer issues, and well, I was just tired.  So, the craft show, well, it didn't go great, but it did go about like I expected.  It was at a very small elementary school, plus it was the first really nice Saturday we have had so far.  I think they had a pretty good turnout, but people were not really interested in buying much, unless it was food and goodies.  The food booths did great business, as did the two selling jams and jellies.  It was still a fun experience, and it did help me to realize the best way to set up my booth, and how long it takes to set up! 

As I told you all before, I did this with two friends.  I am sorry to say, I totally forgot to get pictures of the three of us!  My friend Lydia sold all items that were handmade, except for some vintage buttons.  She had pillows, quilts, adult aprons, child size aprons that came with a matching doll apron, purses, bags, and loom woven rugs.  She also brought a few things her son and daughter in law made.  Her son makes baskets out of bark and leather laces, they are unique, and really awesome! Her daughter in law makes bowls out of gourds, then does bead work around the top.  So much work, but beautiful! 

My other friend Janice, who has her own company called Stone Ridge Pottery Shop, is a potter.  She makes fun functional pieces.  I love her mixing bowls, which she did not have that day.  They have a pour spout, and a large handle that makes them really nice to use.  She makes some really quirky pieces as well, that people just seem to love!  Who doesn't love a coffee mug with a funny dog face on it?  I do! 

Here is my stuff, flower clip/pin combos, flower push pins, flower magnets, chalk boards in vintage frames, map covered decor balls, a chalk board serving tray, and burlap covered memo boards in vintage frames.
The bottles and necklaces are things my sister in law made, she had the Pampered Chef booth right next to us!
 So, all in all, we were able to make enough money to pay for the booth expense, as well as make a few dollars extra.  I think if the show had been closer to the end of the year it would have done better, at least for the vendors.  I think the school did pretty well, which is the whole point of the show.  So, it was a learning experience!

After all that, we went to my sister in law's house for a belated birthday dinner for me.  We had lots of fun, lots of good food, and a great Boston Creme pie (cake), which I ask for every year.  Tomorrow I'll show you what my father in law gave me, I was so excited!  I hope you all had a great weekend too!
PS. The etsy store is still in the works, due to the computer trouble I mentioned earlier, I was not able to get everything listed.  So, stay tuned for the big grand opening!

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  1. Melissa, do not lose heart! I enjoyed very much seeing your pictures, you did such a great job, that I was able to picture the whole layout. I know how much a disapointment is was to not "sell-out", but - just think, you already have things to sell at your next show. I especially like the tree branch display, it added interest to your space. I see you had a neutral background tablecloth, that is good, it won't take away from your product. Think back to what people were buying, (not only in your space - but in the ones around you - and weather does make a difference) and try to incorporate that into your inventory. Also, (I have learned this from Terry) people tend to be intiminated to come into personal space, so walk around, engage your customers in talk (start with "if there is something you would like to see or if you need any help I am here") find out their interests and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. (how many sellers do you see sitting in the back of their booth and just watching customers? Makes you feel creepy, doesn't it?)

    Diversity is great, if you put all your eggs into one basket, then there is less to chose from. Notice what is "hot" on other people's blogs and try to give your customers that, at a discounted price from your neighbor's price :)

    Make up a "business card" with your phone number to take orders and find out when the next show is and tell your customers where and when and that you will be selling, so if they don't want to buy now, come back when you need that gift and buy then...

    I sound like a mini seminar in a comment... these are things that have taken me years to learn. If you want to try this out in the public, it is just the way things are done.

    I really liked your staging (your set-up) it had different levels and makes you eye travel. That seems to be important for people.

    Well, I don't want to take up more time, but you really had great things, and sharing space with others helps. And, I know how long it takes to set up - it seems like two days in the space of a few hours! Go for it girl, you have good stuff. Aunt Helen