Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Baaack!

I'm Back! Finally! Whew, sorry for the extended absence.  The last two weeks have been a wild ride!  I spent the first week cleaning like a mad fiend.  Tell me, why is it that when we know our parents are coming for a visit we have to go into hyper cleaning mode?  I know my mom doesn't care if my windows are washed, or if I dusted the top of the ceiling fan.  (I know cause we talked about this)  However, I care I guess.  So, I got my cleaning done, and in the process started and finished a couple projects, and didn't finish a couple of others.  Ah well.  The second week was spent enjoying my parents!  They came to visit from Texas for a week.  We greatly enjoyed having them, and Little Monkey really loved having them here!  We shopped till we dropped, and then some, and ate lots of wonderful food, and had great fun with having others over as well.  This week I am once again cleaning, and trying to restore order.  So, until that is done,  I thought I would show you all a few deals we've gotten lately.

A couple Saturdays ago we went to our local library for the semi annual library book sale.  This is a big deal around here, people wait in line for hours the first morning waiting for them to open.  I waited until the last day, 50% off day.  There was a line, of about 50 people, but it wasn't a big deal.  Here is a bit of what we got.

Hubby got some old classics like Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, The Man in The Iron Mask, etc.  Our combined total?  $40.  I'm happy with that!

Later we went to our favorite antique barn, and I found this little metal globe.

  It was marked $12.99, the guy looked at me, and said how about $10 instead?  Who was I to argue!   I'm thrilled!

Hubby went to his favorite junk shop too, and he picked up this antique globe, it is marked 1947 on the bottom.  It looks like it is probably that old, its not in the best shape, but still pretty cool.

I also went black Friday shopping .  I got up at 5...... yes am.  Everyone else in my family stayed in bed.  They were probably the smart ones, but....  I started off at JoAnne's.  I've really been wanting one of their collapsible cutting tables, but they are normally $130.  They were $59.99 and I got 20% off that.  so, about $47.  I love that!

So, that was one of my bargains!  I hope you all found some great ones too!  I promise, I have 2 tutorials coming, and several completed projects that you will be seeing soon!  I'm sorry for the absence, but it was needed!  I have a really clean house, now I am determined to keep it that way!!!


  1. I have a metal globe of the moon but most of my globes of earth are cardboard. I have one gemstone globe and one glass globe. My only plastic globe broke. Oh well.

    That is a long way of saying I am jealous of the metal globe. :)

  2. We must be related. I cleaned my windows and the tops of my ceiling fans before your mom came to my house for my birthday. Is it just us or did your mom put some subliminal message into us when we were young to do this kind of cleaning when she came to visit? (Just kidding, Sis.) Anyway, I'm glad ya'll had fun. I think we need to come visit you so you can take me to all these great junk stores. Looking forward to seeing what tutorials you've come up with. Aunt Maggie