Friday, November 19, 2010

So Sorry!

Hi all, sorry for my absence this week!  My parents are coming for a visit, and around here that means a mad rush to get unscheduled projects done, and clean my house.

 That is what I've been doing all week.  I'll have lots to show you next week, but for now, I must adhere to the cleaning/project schedule for the week, which didn't leave time for blogging!  Next week I will have two tutorials for you, and several fun finds among other things.  I hope you are having a great week!



  1. Too funny. I've been cleaning for a couple of weeks. I had two parties with five days of each other. Now I can return to normal...

  2. Hope you have fun with Mom and Dad! I think Dad's really glad he doesn't have to work (well--you know what I mean) while he's out their. Hope you guys have fun! Maybe we can ichat this time! That would be so awesome!

  3. bah hah! That's my life. Dishes...laundry...grading papers... but especially mopping! Oh, my. I need to save that picture.

    Have lots of fun with your family!

  4. Know what ya mean. Your mom came to visit me last weekend. I had to have one of the other nieces come to help clean the stuff like windows, ceiling fans, etc. Did your mom notice that the windows were crystal clear or that there weren't any cobwebs hanging from the fans? Probably not; but I felt better knowing they were clean. Funny how we feel like we have to have everything just so when company comes (especially moms and sisters) but they probably wouldn't notice the same things we do. Oh well. Hope you have fun with them. Looking forward to having them back through with the b-day present you're making me. Can't wait to see it. You've kept me in suspense. :) Aunt Maggie