Sunday, November 14, 2010

Small Town Life.......

I don't know if I've told you all, but I live in a pretty small town.  I absolutely love it!  I grew up in a small farming community in Southern California, (yes, there are small farm towns in SoCal) then when I was 16 I moved to the city.  So, I am a small town country girl at heart.  Here is one of the things I love about small towns, parades! Yesterday we had our 3rd annual Veteran's Day Parade.  Hope you all enjoy the photos.

Local Vets from various wars.

Marines from various wars.

Oldest Vet, he was in his 90's fought in WWII

The original first firetruck for our community, does not go over 20 mph.

Orange High School marching band

Orange County Twirlers

for all you Harley fans, Waugh Enterprises, one of the largest Harley dealers around, plus, there were about 50 guys and gals riding Harley's in the parade

Orange High School ROTC

WWII Vet in an old jeep

Beautiful right? There were 8 old Chevy Corvair's in the parade, this one was the prettiest. 

Truck and Veteran from Vietnam war

Another beauty, not sure what type this truck is, but it sure was pretty. It had an ooga horn! Loved it!