Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Master Suite "Wish" List

Hi All!  Sorry for the hiatus, my internet was down for a couple days, and then I spent the weekend working on getting my house clean again, and spending time with my family.  So, my wish list.  I have several things that I still want to do in the master suite, so I will show them to you now.

This is an old leaded glass window that hubby bought for me a couple years ago at an auction.  He wasn't real crazy about it, and still isn't.  However, he is willing to let me try and restore it and make it look pretty again.  Since we only paid $12 for it, it's not a great loss if I can't make it pretty again.  Some numskull painted the leading white, and when they did, they got paint on the glass as well.  It is going to take a ton of work to make it pretty, but I am going to try.  I plan to strip all the paint off the wood, leading, and glass.  Then, I want to lightly stain and seal the wood, I believe it is fir, so it would be really pretty.  Then, on the wider side, I want to mount 3 antique glass door knobs that I have, kind of like these.
The window will go above my desk.  I also want to mount three more of these door knobs to a narrow shelf to put in my bathroom.  It will look something like this:

On this shelf I want to put an 8X10 frame with a chalk board in it, and this picture (only in green) from The Virginia House etsy.com store.

I also want to do a series of 6 nature prints, the kind you see in antique botanical books, pencil sketch style, in the bathroom, there is one large wall that has nothing on it.  Still not totally sure what I want to do with the book shelf.  I did get a basket for my toilet paper, per my Aunties suggestion.  (Just a side note, Auntie is the junking Queen!  She has found furniture and other stuff on the side of the road, ready for the trash man, and taken it home and made it something awesome! Little did she know I was studying her all those years so I could learn how to do it myself!)

In the master bedroom, I want to do something over the bed, I thought about doing four 11X14 prints, or possibly one large print, maybe a painting?  I'm just not sure.  Let me know if you have any ideas for me, I'll be glad to try them!  Also, let me know what you think about my wish list, maybe you have a better idea, if so, send it on over!


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