Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its Garden Time!

This is our first summer in the new house, so we decided that we needed to put in a small garden (emphasis on small).  Hubby borrowed a Gravely tractor with a tiller attachment from a friend.  He said he would till up a small spot for me, just for a few tomatoes and peppers.  Me, I am thinking this is great, I can handle a small garden.  Well, hubby got a little happy with the tiller, he really loved using it.  So much in fact, that about two weeks later he went out and bought a Gravely for himself.  So, I decided that since I had all this space, it should in fact be used.  I planted tomatoes, about 20 plants in 6 varieties, peppers, about 15 plants in 6 varieties, 4 types of potatoes, cucumbers, bush green beans, pole green beans, cantaloupe, sugar snap peas, broccoli, 8 different herbs, 10 squash plants, sunflowers, and peanuts!  Here are a few pictures of my small garden.

The garden plot measures 32 feet long, by about 20 feet wide, it does have a 3 foot section down the middle that is grass so I can have a place to walk around, and leave tools, etc.

Several varieties of peppers, the ones at the bottom of the picture are called Hungarian Wax peppers, they will turn a bright red when they are ripe, boy are they hot!

Roma and Yellow Jubilee tomatoes with Jalapeno peppers.

Squash, cucumbers, cantaloupes, sunflowers, and tomatoes here.

A bit of my garden bounty! The first batch of green beans, a yellow crook necked squash, one of the last cucumbers, and the first Yellow Jubilee tomato!  If you have never had a yellow tomato, oh my are you ever missing out!!  They are awesome!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit of the "fruits of my labor" today!  The garden has been great, and my little Monkey loves to "help" me with it.  I'm already thinking that next year, it will be even bigger!  Crazy right?



  1. Wow Melissa! I am impressed. Sounds like lots of cooking though. :-) Do you actually use it all fresh or do you can and freeze some of it?
    Aunt Lana

  2. I use a fair amount of it fresh, but I like to make salsa and can it, so a lot of the tomatoes and peppers get frozen until I have a day or two to spend canning. The squash so far, has been eaten, or turned into zucchini bread, the green beans were so so, we didn't get very many this time. It has been in the upper 90's to low 100's the last few weeks, which is not great for my garden. However, we are greatly enjoying it!!