Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old Ladders...So Many Possiblities

I have two small projects in the works, but neither are finished yet.  So, I thought I would show you a few awesome uses for old ladders that I found on Pinterest.  I have an old painters ladder, and I have been trying to decide what to do with it, I love these ideas, but not sure they would work in my house.

This first ladder comes from Lovintage Finds on Pinterest.

If I had a big enough bathroom, this would be great, but all three bathrooms in our house are too small for this work, still it is a great idea! I also love the wire storage baskets!

Next we have an old used as a shelf for pictures, I think this might be my favorite idea!  This originally came from Les cadres font le mur on Pinterest .

This could possibly work in my house, but I'm still not quite sure.
I love this idea, using a ladder as a laundry rack, but again, wouldn't work in my house, still a great idea!
Decorare by A F
I really love this idea from via Pinterest.  I know my hubby still has a few old small pulleys, but I'm not sure if he will part with them!
This is awesome, but again, I don't have tall enough ceilings to support decor like this.  This comes from via Pinterest.
Then there's this great way to display quilts, I really love this idea!  This came from via Pinterest.
I also really love this idea from Remember by Jessica Charlton via Pinterest.  This could work, we are thinking about changing out our light fixture in the dinning room, so we'll see, this could work.  It would also be great for a party!
I love the simplicity of this next picture, this is how I have been thinking of using the ladder.  This comes from via Pinterest.

I love the colorful mix here, this comes from via Pinterest.

This last idea would be awesome in Little Monkey's room, however she doesn't have a wall that it would work on.  Our house is a story and a half, so the upstairs walls are short.  Still, I love the idea!  This comes from Boy's Room by Emily Witcher via Pinterest.
Hope you all enjoyed these different ideas for old ladders.  Now if you find one, you will have an inkling of what can be done!


  1. Wow you sure researched the ideas. I have yet to delve into the mystery of pinterest, blogging alone is still a mystery to me. Thanks for all the great ideas. Now, to find a ladder...

  2. Oooh! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas from Pinterest! I may have to repin a few! I like the ones turned sideways, what a neat idea!

  3. Wow, some great ladder ideas here. I really like the idea of using one in a laundry room as a drying rack. Nice post!

  4. I'm in love with every one of these ideas! When I think about an old ladder I got rid of several years back, it makes me want to cry. Thank you so much for sharing. Such great inspiration.