Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trials

Last weekend was a busy one in Central Virginia, I don't know why, but the first weekend of October always brings festivals.  Locally here in Orange County, Virginia we had the Gordonsville Street Festival and the Fall Fiber Festival.  In the next county, Madison, there was the Graves Mountain Lodge Apple Festival, as well as the Yoder's Country Market Fall BBQ.  Hubby and Little Monkey went to the Street Festival while I went to the Chiropracter.  I did take in a bit of the festival but forgot to take any pictures.

After lunch out we went to the Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trials.  This is a toddlers dream!  Everything is touchable, they want you to touch, plus there are dogs and sheep you can touch!  Little Monkey loved it!! 

There were some beautiful animals,

 this border collie was gorgeous, the picture doesn't do her justice! Both her eyes were arctic blue and hazel brown.

This was Barney, Little Monkey enjoyed feeding him kettle corn, and he sure enjoyed eating it!
There were Alpacas,

and Llamas, had to watch those guys, they were tired of people trying to touch them!
Angora Bunnies!  It is amazing how soft these bunnies were, of course Little Monkey wanted to take one home!

The sheepies! You can't have a Fiber Festival without the sheep! These guys and gals were being released so the sheep dogs could show off their talents.

This is James, he was so fun to watch, you could tell he just loved his job! He was so social too, greeting everyone and giving them some love.

The Fibers were amazing!  There were yarns of all types, cotton, linnen, mohair, cashmere, angora, alpaca, wool, and so many more!  The colors were great too!  Here are a couple pictures,
 these were unspun dyed fibers, all that was needed was a bit of spinning and you would have yarn to work with!
I love the rainbow of colors!  Every booth had rainbows of color!!

Not to be left out, the sheep dog trials.  These are some hard working, super smart dogs!! 
Sorry for the grainy photos, thats what happens when you have to use digital zoom. :)
 James hard at work moving those sheep!
 Unfortunately James couldn't get those sheep to go in the pen, it was the end of the day and they were not cooperative!
 I don't remember this dogs name, he was older than a lot of the others, and calmer as well.
He got the sheep in the pen with no problems!

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the Fiber Festival as much as we did!  Hubby did buy me some yarn, a beautiful dark gray alpaca, and a natural cotton/linnen blend.  I am planning to make a couple of scarves.  I am not the best knitter, so we'll see how it goes, I'll show them to you all if they work.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. :D Did you know that border collies are the brightest of all breeds?

    How much fun y'all had!