Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest Monday #4

Welcome back everyone!  Well, I am ready to get back on track.  My grandmother has been here for 10 days, and we really, really enjoyed her visit.  However, after having her and 2 other families in the last 10 days I gotta admit I am ready to get back to my usual routine!!  So, here are my favorites from Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

This dress is made from Daddy's button up dress shirt.  I have to try this.  I already called my mom and requested my dad's old shirts, he buys them long so they should work for my Little Monkey who is overly tall already! :-)
I love this onsie, I have lots of nephews, and I wish I had seen this when they were all babies!  I do have one who is a baby, so I may have to give it a try.   
I love this doily rug, don't know where I'd put it, but it is great!
I really love this chime made of old stuff.  Its my kinda style!  I think maybe my front porch needs one of these.
This last idea is also totally me!  Though, I won't show this to my hubby because he would want to find some way to include it in our house, and it wouldn't work.  I still love it!
I hope you all enjoyed my favorite Pinterest finds!  Come back Wednesday and I will have some really darling (I think) onsies I embellished for my sisters baby girls!


  1. *NICE* Pinterest finds! I hope your grandmother had been spoiling you rotten. Mine spoils me rotten for sure!

  2. O, that 'shirt' dress is ADORABLE! So creative and cute! (Now, if I just had a little girl to make it for....) :) ~Rachel

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  4. That dress and onesie are darling!! I have a little girl and boy, and think those would be so much fun! Pinterest is great!

    Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

  5. hanks for the mention...stated as a craft room rug but l get bored and want to move onto new projects so it stayed this size and is at the side of the bed..very soft to step onto
    Hugs Suz x