Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Week, Day 3

I have a few more baby rooms to show you today!   All of these come from Pinterest.
Isn't this room awesome?  I know, only if you just love orange like I do.  But, this would be an easy do it yourself room, really it would!  Lets start with the rug, you could find an inexpensive rug and paint a design on it yourself.  The baby bedding, again, could be made very easily, if you don't sew, find a friend who does.  The mobile is something that would be pretty easy to make as well.  The art on the wall, its all free printables.  So, you could do this room pretty inexpensively, it would just take some work!
Here is another very simple baby room.  Again, you could make the bedding pretty easily.  For the art, use old frames you have and repaint them to suit your color scheme.  You can use scrap book paper or fabric to create the letter, or words of your choice for the frames.  The shelves could be made or purchased fairly cheaply.

I really love this room!  The colors are my kind of colors.  This is a great idea for a small room.  Place the crib in the closet, and you still have storage above the bed if you need it.  Where to put the kids cloths?  Find an old wardrobe or a dresser for their cloths,  shoes, etc. The bunting, again very easy to make.  Some ribbon or twine, and old doilys you could probably do it without sewing as well. For the Art: again, you can find free printables on line, they also used a wooden embroidery hoop with cute fabric, and an old baby dress.  This is simple and easy to do.
I think this might be my favorite room, if you have been around KC long you know I love all things maps!  This could be done on your own, with an over head projector (either the fancy new ones you connect to your computer or you could go old school too.)  Paint the outline on the wall, and you  might even be able to get vinyl letters for the capitols.  The thing I love about this room, is that the decor is the world wall, there isn't a lot of decorative items. This is another example of how paint and a little elbow grease can really make a room. 

When it comes to decorating your baby room, keep this in mind.  1: your baby will never know if you decorated the room or not, and they don't really care.  2: try to use colors and themes your child can grow into.  They are not a baby forever, and you don't want to be repainting and decorating a year or two later.   There are so many things you can make on your own for much cheaper.  Not sure how?  Just look on line and I guarantee that you will find a tutorial!  You can't do it?  I used to say the same thing, you don't know until you try!

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