Monday, May 2, 2011

Yard Sale Season is Here!!! YAY!!!!

So this was the first Saturday we have had with no rain in forever!  (at least it feels that way!)  I really wanted to go, and Hubby decided he wanted to stay home and do yard work.  So, he said he'd keep Little Monkey and I should go have fun!  I definitely did not refuse that offer!!  This was the first time going yard saleing on my own since Little Monkey was born, usually we all go together.  Anyway, it was fun, and productive.  Here is what I found.

First up, this great advertising box, for $10.  I will admit I thought twice about buying it.  The connotation associated with the word rubbers is what almost stopped me.  I will probably end up sanding the S off the end, so it just says rubber, and then use stain to age the wood in that spot to blend it in.  If it doesn't work, I will figure something out.  What do you think?  Should I leave it or change it? 
This is going in my living room, for toy storage, 3 fabric boxes fit in it perfectly!

Next up, an old wood and metal milk crate from Monticello Dairy, an old local dairy that is no longer in business.  It is now part of downtown Charlottesville.  Hubby loves their milk bottles, and ephemera, so I thought he would love the crate, he did!  I paid $15 for this, a little more than I wanted to, but it was worth it.

Next up, 5 lids that go on the old blue Ball canning jars that have the metal wire closures.  I have 6 jars that needed these lids, so I am hoping they will fit.  I got these for a $1 a piece. 

Then, the last of the finds, a bunch of Strawberry Shortcake books, and various other books for Little Monkey, as well as a bag of Strawberry Shortcake mini dolls, it also had a few of her friends as well, for $1.  Oh, and the glass storage jar for $.25, love that price!

All in all a very productive morning!
 Don't forget, if you haven't already headed over to Vintage Revivals to vote for me #104 and my sis #83 please hurry, the contest ends on Tuesday at Midnight!


  1. I would leave the box as is. I did not even think about it because of the glove picture! I would just clean it up with some Murphy's Oil Soap. Great finds!

  2. Really love the crate with the metal edges. Super cool and I think you got a pretty good deal at $15. I definitely would have paid that much for it! Glad you had fun.

  3. What fun finds. Surely with such a vintage crate people will not associate it with the "other" product. BTW, I did go vote for you and Lois. I hope one of you wins.