Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Hate To Ask, But Could You....?

Hey all you wonderful people out there, I know I showed off a really horrible room in need of some decorating help on Saturday, I am sorry to have made you look at those pictures.  Did you run screaming from the computer? 

Well, if you wouldn't mind, I need some votes so I can maybe just maybe win this contest and get some much needed help for that guest room!  If you go to Vintage Revivals you can vote for me, # 104.  I would very much appreciate it!  While you're there, you can also vote for my sister, The Frugal Decor Mom, # 83.  The voting closes at Midnight Tuesday so hurry and vote!

Thanks a Million!


  1. Dangit! I missed your post, I think....let me go see right back....

  2. I voted for you! I hope you win!!!!!

  3. Voted for ya! Lois too! Good Luck to the both of you!