Friday, April 1, 2011

Tutorials for Girls: 14 skirts, 3 Dresses

If you sew for your daughter, or maybe a niece or friend, then this is the tutorial round up for you!  I have put together a collection of my favorite tutorials, mostly skirts and dresses for little girls.  Most of these can easily be adapted to any size.

First, we will start with one of my all time favorite blogs, MADE. This is the Market Skirt.

Photo by MADE

The Shirt Dress, also from MADE.
Photo: MADE

The Circle Skirt, also by MADE.
Photo: MADE
This next one is from Craftstylish.  It is a two colored A-Line skirt made from old t-shirts. Nothing better than re-purposeing right?
Photo: Craftstylish
 This is the Apple Skirt from Mommy Creations, I really love how cute and simple this one is!
Photo: Mommy Creations

The Ballet Ruffle Skirt, from Simply Modern Mom.
Photo: Simply Modern Mom

Also from Simply Modern Mom, the Knot-Me tie skirt
Photo: Simply Modern Mom
Toddler pants become a skirt and vest with this tutorial from Until Wednesday Calls.
Photo: Until Wednesday Calls

Old jeans and a stained t-shirt become a darling skirt in this tutorial, also from Until Wednesday Calls.
Photo: Until Wednesday Calls

To Sew with Love put together these simple, and cute Little Sister and Big Sister skirts.
Little Sister, Photo: To Sew with Love
Big Sister, Photo: To Sew with Love

Another of my favorite blogs, Make It Love It, brings us a Girl's Knit Layer skirt.
Photo: Make it and Love It
Again, from Make It and Love It, a Repurposed skirt with a Yoga waistband.
Photo: Make It and Love It

The Charlotte Dress from Craftiness is Not Optional.
Photo: Craftiness is Not an Option

Made By Me, Shared With You brings us a Ruffled Baby Skirt made from old t-shirts.
Photo: Made by Me, Shared with You

The Essence of Junk has this great tutorial for a necktie skirt.
Photo:  The Essence of Junk
Last, but certainly not least, we have a dress tutorial that uses any of your old t-shirts that accidentally shrunk and got too short!  You can still use them, just turn them into this dress! This is from Morning By Morning Productions.
Photo: Morning By Morning Productions
I hope you will find these tutorials as helpful as I did!  I really love how simple most of them are!  Stay tuned next week for a couple more tutorial round ups.  We will have one on cloths for Ladies, and one for miscellaneous how to's.  I hope you will stop in again!


  1. Some great ideas , I think I will have to get my sewing machine dusted off and moving again!