Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Surprise Weekend....

So, last weekend was a bit of a surprise for me.  Let me start at the beginning.  Hubby came home early Friday, unfortunately early enough that the house was still a bit of a mess.  At 4:30 he comes in and asks how I feel about going to West Virginia Saturday, I'm fine with that, I know that there is an auction he wants to go to there.  At 5:30 he asks if I want to make it a weekend.  As in, leave that night and head up to W VA, and stay the whole weekend.  Now, if this had happened 9 years ago when we got married, wait, it did!  Here is what my reaction was then, AHHHH, what you want to leave when?  I couldn't possibly be ready to go by then, I don't have my lists made, the house is a mess, I just can't do it!!  I went into panic mode then.  Now, after 9 years of this, I can just smile and say sure that sounds like fun, let me check and see if I can get us a deal.  We were gone by 8:15, met the grandparents and dropped Little Monkey off, and then we headed to Frederick, MD.

The auction was near Morgantown, West Virginia.  I wish I had taken a video of the drive up to the farm, starting where the paved road ended, yes, it was one of those kinda drives.  The driveway was a good mile long, maybe more, and very rough, one lane only.  When we got to the farm there two guys directing the parking, they looked at us and said "you have four wheel drive right?" Yes, hubby replied, but rarely have to use it.  They just smiled and directed us up a hill to the cow pasture.  We needed the four wheel drive.  Which of course put a big smile on hubby's face.  Guys and their toys, 'nuff said.
Here is what we saw when we walked up.
Side of house coming from the field where we parked.
Old biscuit box, I really liked it, but it sold for $65, a bit higher than I was willing to pay.
Beautiful right? Sold for $200, not to me.
Some kind of dryer, but no one was quite certain
This was darling, but do you know that is sold for just over $200!!  Crazy!
I really wanted this table, it needed a good bit of work on the top, but otherwise was great,hubby said if I could get it for under $50 I could have it, it sold for $65.  :(
see the green bottle? It really wanted to come home with me, but I had to leave before it was auctioned off, it was rainy and cold, and I just couldn't stay.
This is what hubby wanted, he got the post vise (thing on the ground) but not the forge, it was in bad shape.
They also auctioned off this antique tractor, it was so shiny and pretty!
It was a fun auction, with lots to see, I would go back again!  Stay tuned for the rest of the weekends pictures.  Here's a hint, we went to Lucketts!  I saw some original Miss Mustard Seed stuff too!


  1. Melissa, That looks like so much fun! One of these days we HAVE to get together to do some something like that. You teach us how it is done in VA., and we'll teach you how it is done in CA. How fun that you also got to go to Lucketts, MMS is one of my biggest inspirations. Have a good day! Terry

  2. Oh, what fun! That looks like I would enjoy it so much. We went to an auction in OK during the summer wedding last year. We are still selling from that one... I is great to be able to pick up and go at a moment's notice and being together doing something you both enjoy is half of the fun and enjoyment.

  3. I went to an auction like that once, where I wanted everything but we hadn't planned for it and so had to keep on going. Good memories...

  4. Fun, fun! I love auctions! And impromptu getaways!

    You mention Frederick, MD quite a few times.... I grew up in Boonsboro, MD (close to Hagerstown). My parents still live there. :) ~Rachel