Monday, March 7, 2011

A Pink Birthday for Little Monkey

Little Monkey turned 3 on Saturday!  I can hardly believe that she is 3 now, some days she seems so much older, others, I wonder how my baby could be so big! 

Here are the cake balls and cake pops I made.  They really were not hard, at least not once I got the hang of dipping them.  The pink ones are strawberry cake with strawberry icing, dipped in pink candy melts, drizzled with dark chocolate.  The others are devils food cake mixed with chocolate fudge icing, and dipped in dark or milk chocolate candy melts, drizzled with pink candy melts.
The cake pops, these were a hit with the kids!
The cake balls.
cake balls
The table set up. 
We had a great time, and Little monkey was so excited!  She got a Fancy Nancy doll from Grammy and Grampa, and it has hardly left her side since!  I also had a great time planning the party, and making stuff for it.  Later this week I will show you how I did some of the decorations, and a cost breakdown.  It is really helpful to have a birthday near a holiday, you can get some great deals!!

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  1. Looks cute, Mel! Happy Birthday, T. Looks like you all had a fun time. Looking forward to seeing more. Aunt Maggie

  2. Melissa, you did a wonderful job...I love the cake pops...Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

  3. Little Monkey is a Lucky Duck! We still love Fancy Nancy around here! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. So very cute and yummy looking. Give little monkey a hug from Auntie and happy birthday to you too!

  5. Is there a recipe for those balls? They look so delicious.