Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy I Killed the Fishies.....

So, Monday night we had some family and friends over for dessert.  One friend, H, has a little girl the same age as Little Monkey, we'll call her M.
Little Monkey and M were playing upstairs in the "new" playhouse, having a grand time as usual!  We adults were happily chatting downstairs when we heard a couple of screeches and a shouted NO!  So, H and I headed up stairs to see what the commotion was about.  As we got to the top of the stairs we both started sniffing, something smelled very peculiar, H commented about it, and I couldn't place the smell.... till we walked into Little Monkey's room that is.  She and M had decided that the fishies needed to be fed.  Hubby had just bought a brand new container of gold fish food, and it was all over the fish tank, the table it sits on, and the carpet beneath.  We looked at our girls and I of course asked the dumb question, "what happened here?"  Little Monkey says "the fishies were hungry so we feed them!!" (duh mommy, what does it look like?)  When I really looked at the amount of fish flakes I groaned, they had dumped out the entire thing!  So, of course we cleaned it up, and told the girls that was not a good thing, and I put the fish food on a VERY high shelf.
Fast forward to Wednesday morning.  I go up to Little Monkey's bedroom to get her up and dressed, and her room stinks!  I mean it really reeks!  As I get closer to the fish tank I realize that is where the awful smell is coming from, when I lifted the lid, what did I see?  7 fish floating on top!!  I quickly ran downstairs to get a bowl, filled it with fresh water and got the fish out of the murky tank.

In all, we lost 6 fishies, they had a burial at sea. (meaning flushed down the toilet)  The four surviving fish seam to be far.
The whole time I am trying to save the fish, Little Monkey is next me saying "what happened momma?"  "what you doing momma?"  "where's my fishies going momma?"  I'm trying to explain to her that she gave the fish to much food and so they died.  She looks at me with this really earnest face and says " Momma, I killed the fishies."  I stopped and looked at her, then I got the giggles, she was so serious, she's only 2 1/2, so the earnest face is just so cute.  Then she looks at me and says "mommy I killed the fishies......its funny."  So now I am trying not to laugh as I tell her no, its not funny, its a bad thing, but it was an accident, so its okay.  Then she tells me, "mommy, I need to tell the fishies I sorry I killed them."  My mommies heart went sigh, she has such a tender heart, she always wants to thank everyone for things, and tell them she's sorry (except of course when I want her to tell them she's sorry.) 
Moral of the story:  Don't give fish too much food, it starves the oxygen out of the tank and the they die.  Never laugh when your 2 year old kills something, and don't leave the fish food anywhere a 2 year old might possibly be able to get to it.
Hope you all are having a great week, without calamity and mishap!


  1. Okay - you have me cracking up with this!! I know what you mean - sometimes it's so hard not to smile at the things they say. Thanks for your comment about my plaid dress - I actually will have a tutorial on elastic thread up, hopefully tomorrow.

  2. I wrote earlier but I must have forgotten to post it. Does the little monkey have the book "fish out of water?" Let me know. LM

  3. Nope, she does not have it. Sounds like a book she could use! I know, it was kinda, maybe, not the best gift to give her at 2. She loves the fish though, she loves to watch them swim around and she talks to them, its fun to watch!

  4. Oh, almost forgot, cleaning that fish tank was a JOB!!! I had to fill it and vaccume it 3 times! It now has crystal clear clean water with four fish swimming happily in it!

  5. This is the most ADORABLE thing I've ever read. So cute :)