Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Got It!! I Got It!!! Yipee!!

I love getting mail, especially packages!  Last night Hubby brought home a package for me!!  Wooo hooo!
 Its from The Virginia House etsy store!!

Check out the packaging, isn't it cute!
A couple weeks ago I contacted Jillian at The Virginia House to see if she could do a piece of burlap art for me.  She has some great burlap art at her etsy store.  I saw just what I wanted, but it was white, and since I wanted to put it on a white shelf, I just didn't think it would pop.  Sooo, I sent Jillian a note to ask if I could get one in green, of course she said!!  So, here is what I got!

 Isn't it cute!!  It goes so well with the colors of green in my bathroom!  I can't wait to get the shelf done now!!  I have to wait till Hubby has time to cut the wood for me, it has some angles that have to be cut just right, and you have to use a trim nail gun to put it together.  It doesn't bother me to use most power tools, but I'm a little leery of nail guns.  Hopefully he'll have some time to put it together next month, or maybe this winter when work slows down a little. 

I hope you all will come back Friday, I'll be doing the living/dinning room reveal, and I'm going to need your help!!

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  1. So glad it arrived! Thanks again for your order and for the shout out!