Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Howdy!  Well today I am in a cleaning frenzy!  My parents are visiting soon and today I have no kiddos!  Hopefully that means I will get tons done.

Recently we took a weekend trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  If you have never been there, you have got to try it!  I will say this, it is not the best place for young children for one reason, you do a ton of walking!!  Little Monkey was worn out with all the walking we did the first day.

We got a fantastic deal on a really nice hotel from  We stayed at the Radison Lord Baltimore Hotel, depending on the travel site you look at it is a 3 1/2 -4 star place.  We payed about the same rate as you would at Motel 6! 

our very nice room, with Sleep Number Beds
A word about Sleep Number Beds, they are weird. Basically it feels like you are sleeping on a nice air mattress, and that is not something I find real comfortable.

The first day we started out with a trip to the local flea market, about 15 minutes from our hotel.   I didn't take too many pictures, but this was my favorite booth!
He crabs and She crabs, these were cooked, and they smelled heavenly!  We really wished we had gone back and bought some to take home!

After a quick lunch we went to the National Aquarium.  They have some great exhibits, every time I thought "this was the best" we would start on another section and it would be the best.  The first section you go through is all about Australia. LM loved this because we have been learning all about Australia in school. 

the Australia section, these birds were making us laugh, they just bobbed in place, LM loved them.

Fresh water sharks

My favorite, the Jelly fish!

The dolphin show, LM thought this was the best!

We walked around in the dark to see these tanks, lit with special lights so you can see the vibrant colors.

The one thing I would say about the aquarium, you should go during the week if you can.  It was horribly crowded on Saturday when we went. 
The aquarium was great, but I still think Monteray Bay Aquarium is the best I've ever been to.
Come back on Friday for part two of our trip!


  1. Your pictures of the jellyfish are breathtaking!! That sounds like such a fun trip. I was laughing when I read what you wrote about the Sleep Number beds... my parents had one for a brief period, and ended up having to get rid of it because it was so bad. I tried it myself... to me it felt like the queen-sized mattress was divided into two cardboard boxes, with a dividing line down the middle... and the mattress inflated or deflated like a balloon... not at all cozy or comfortable. hehe! :) I wonder why some people like them so much?

  2. Great photos Melissa! Thanks for blogging about your recent trip to our Baltimore venue! We hope to see you again soon!