Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Bookcase Becomes...First Milk Paint Experiment

I had this all ready to go yesterday except for one picture.  When I went to load that picture blogger decided I couldn't. So this is a day late, sorry!

Tuesday was my day off this week, and Little Monkey and I were having a so so day, getting some things done while Hubby worked.  He called in the late afternoon to ask if we wanted to get some bookcases.  Of course I didn't say no!  We met up at the Lam Brothers Unfinished Furniture store in Madison, VA.

They have tons of stuff, some Amish made, some antiques, and a few used pieces that have been refinished.
I have been wanting a bookcase for LM's room ever since I saw this on Pinterest.
from Young House Love
 I absolutely love this idea of combining books with doll house space.  I think it will add interest as well as be useful in her room.
A while back I had mentioned to Hubby that I wished I could find a local retailer that carried milk paint, I really wanted to give it a try and see what all the hype was.  He stopped in at Meadowbrook Hardware in Charlottesville one day and found some.  It just so happened they were in the middle of changing the displays and so gave him a fabulous deal on the older style packages.  Most of it is non pigmented, but there was a bag of Bayberry Green that was just about the right color so I decided to give it a try on LM's bookcase.

This is after one coat (above),

this is after two coats.  I still need to sand it and give it a coat of polyacrylic before it will be done. I am not real crazy about how the back of the shelves looks, its a little too streaky for my taste, but I will see how it is after sanding.   I like the milk paint, it seems expensive but it is actually less for a quart than regular paint.  However, if you are painting unfinished furniture it takes a lot more milk paint than it does latex paint.  I think if you were painting over something that already has a finish, the way Miss Mustard Seed does at times, that it would take considerably less paint.  I like the streaky vintage look of the paint, as well as the fact that the wood grain still shows through, almost like a transparent stain. It is a VERY flat paint, and feels very rough at first.  However, I will definitely be using it again!  I hope you all had a happy Wednesday!


  1. You could always put wall paper of some kind in the backs of the shelving. It would add a pop of fun and would look cute to.

  2. can't wait to see it finished and filled!