Monday, June 4, 2012

Pinterest Monday # 21

Wow, its been a couple of weeks since I did a Pinterest post!  I have found all kinds of awesome things there lately, so lets get started!

First up this lovely and simple bag from Ucreate, it is way simpler than it looks! So many options too!  Change the colors, and flower style and you have a whole different look.

I really love this idea, and I can totally see it in my house!  This is from Flea Market Trixie.
This next idea would be great in a kitchen decorated with vintage kitchen utensils.  Paint an old cheese grater and then put a candle in the middle.  I wish there was a picture taken in the dark so you can see what it looks like, but there isn't one.  This is from Donna Hay.
Now this is an idea that I would love to do in my own house, just not sure where I would fit it in!  Unfortunately I don't know where it originally came from because when you click on the link it is a spam link.  However, I think it would be pretty simple to create.
This last idea looks so fun if you have a pool, and you do parties around or near your pool.  I don't have a pool. Sigh.  Oh well, this comes from  Put glow sticks in a blown up balloon and you have an instant floating light.

Hope you all enjoyed my picks this week!


  1. Those are awesome! love the ideas, and love pinterest. I could surf pinterest for hours and hours. thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all great! I really like the window and lace. I have seen antique handkerchiefs with gorgeous lace framed between two sheets of glass hanging on a darker wall so the lace pops. The wall hangings were so pretty because you could really appreciate the lace patterns!

  3. I too, like the window frame with the lace. What a clever idea. The glow stick look so fun, hmm, how can I do that with no pool either?

  4. The balloon and glowstick idea is super awesome! I'm gonna have to tell Jo about that since she's the one with a pool in the family.

  5. Love the bag and the glow balloons are too cool. Bummer I don't have a pool.