Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Bit of Glam and Glitter...

By now most of you have probably heard of the line of jewerly Styled by Tori Spelling.  Now, I will be the first to tell you I would not normall buy something that a celebrety endorces or produces, etc.  I saw this line about 6 weeks ago at Joanns, they were just finishing putting it all on an endcap.  I was intrigued, there were four different styles, and I really liked the different components.  I was looking at an idea book that shows you several different combinations, and instructions on how to do it.  The best part about this line, there are NO tools required!  Here is what I picked out.

A bottom, a chain top, connectors, and a brooch.  Now, I used coupons, and paid half price or less for this, so it ended up being very reasonable price wise.  I don't think the prices are too bad, except for some of the connectors, they are all $3.99, but if you get them half price, not too bad.  Here is what I made.
If you will, notice the S connector on the right side, that comes with two of those, and four of another type of connector. They were super easy to use. This took me all of 10 minutes to make.

I did end up requiring a couple pairs of pliers, the ring on the broach was not big enough to put on the connector I used.  Other than that it was perfect.  I love how it turned out!  It reminds me a 20's glam style, yet it goes with casual too.  It was fun to put together.  I have another one I want to try, but I am going to do my own thing on it, not what the instruction book said to do, hopefully it will work!


  1. Never heard of it until your post, but then I am not what you call 'in on the trends'...:0 I will have to look it up and see... thanks

  2. Cute! No tools! That is my kind of jewelry making. Looking forward to seeing your other creation.