Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest Challenge, 1st Entry

Ok folks, I am running a bit behind today!  Hope you all had a fabulous week last week, I sure did!!!
First, have you entered my Lowes gift card giveaway yet? If not hop on over do that now, it ends tomorrow at midnight!

So last week I told you I wanted to join the Pinterest Challenge put forth by Young House Love, even tho the challenge ended last Wednesday.  Here is my recipe of choice from Pinterest. 

from carmelpotatoes
Sorry forgot to take a picture of mine!  I made the Scrambled Egg Sliders from Carmel Potatoes.
They were fabulous!  I did make mine gluten free because the company we had this weekend eats gluten free.  Because of that were a little bit crumbly, but not bad, if you used regular flour that would not be a problem at all.  Also, I was out of maple syrup so I used honey.  These muffins are sweet, and cheesy and have crumbled bacon.  If you want to make them even better, spread on a little mashed avocado, and then top with eggs, YUM!!!  For the recipe, go here.
Have a happy Monday!!

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