Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Monday # 11

Welcome back to another new week!  Here are my favorites from Pinterest.

I really love this Yard Stick Buffet redo by Corner House.  This lady is so talented and has some awesome projects!! 

Such a great idea!  I see these old camera's at junk stores all the time, I think I just might have to try this one!  This one comes from Instructables.

I love this scarf from Victorian Bird on  This is a great idea for those scarves that are too short to knot or twist up.
This is a great idea for wrapping gifts for guys.  I am always at  loss as to how to wrap a guy gift and make it look nice, without buying wrapping paper.  Plus, kids would have a blast making something like this! This idea comes from LEMONcake wardROBE.

I wish I could do these sparkle lights in Little Monkey's bedroom, she would love this!!  However, I don't think Hubby would like it too well, and she would end up trying to play with them instead!
I hope you all enjoyed my favorites this week!!


  1. I think Little Monkey's room needs that light treatment! How adorable!!!

    Ricki Jill

  2. Those lights are so cool. But check out the lighted candle next to the bed...looks great for the pictures, tho. How about the idea of a gauzy curtain for over the head with some sequins glued hear and there? That would add some sparkle.