Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Monday #10

Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest!  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

First up are these fabulous heels from  This would be a great way to hide scuffs on your favorite pair of shoes, and I just love the look the lace gives a plain pair of shoes!

I would really like to make this quilt!!  It is so pretty, and I can see it in my family room!!  I am going to order the insturctions and see if I have enough fabric.  This comes from Busy Bee Quilting Designs.
Victory Garden
Love the simplicity of this Union Jack pillow from Sweet Tea and Linen.

I think of all the wreaths I have seen on the internet, this one is quite possibly my favorite.  You would have to have a big wall to put it on, possibly a really tall one, but it is awesome!  This comes from Hammers and High Heels. This is made from silver chargers, platters, and plates. 

Now this wreath, is unusual.  I don't like succulents as a rule, I know I'm weird.  However, I love this wreath idea, and I just might have to see if I can give it a try.  Maybe I have some friends who will let me cut thier plants up, then again, maybe not. :)  Still its a great little wreath, I love that it will grow, and be beautiful year round.  This is from Prudent Baby.

Well, that's all the inspiration I have for you today!  I hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. That succulent wreath is *to die for*....

  2. I love the plate wreath! Its just very different :)

  3. That metal wreath is gorgeous pity chargers are virtually unheard of in Australia!