Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family visit

I'm off to pick up my mum and sis and nephews today!!  We are so excited!  Little Monkey woke up at 4:30 this morning, and she immediately asked is it time to go get Grammy and Lolo?  Lets just say she went to back to bed.  I'm going to leave early so I can get in some shopping at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods!  I sure wish we had those stores here, although I would probably spend too much at both places if we did! 
Well, you won't be hearing from me again till next week sometime, and then I will have a few projects to show you.  A few things we finally finished up! 
Hope you'll stop back by,


  1. Have fun with your mom and Lois and those cute nephews of mine. Maybe I'll call sometime and crash your party!

  2. Where are you going? I saw a Home Goods store on my trip to NC in July, but I haven't seen any in VA. I hope you got some shopping done.

  3. Enjoy your visit with the family!!!! (((hugs)))