Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun In The Blue Ridge and Two Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Well, I am now sort of caught up, maybe.  I spent yesterday picking up, and doing laundry.  Seriously, how is it that your house can just be destroyed when you are not even there?  It drives me crazy!!  Anyhow, Sunday we went to the mountains to escape the heat!  We are fortunate to live about 30 minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was beautiful up there, flowers were blooming, everything is green and lush, and the wildlife is abundant!  A bunch of us met up there to do a hike, have dinner, and do a little singing as well.
We pretty much hung out at the back of the crowd, with a few others who had small kids.

The hike was first up, it was the South River hike for anyone interested, and it is interesting.  You know the old saying "what goes down must come up"?  Well, that was never more true!  The hike is supposed to end up at a look out over a waterfall.  The whole way to the waterfall is down hill, and the whole way back....yep up hill.  It wasn't terribly hard, just made me realize just how out of shape I am!  Hubby ended up carrying Little Monkey most of the way, she fell right at the start, and that was it for her.  She still had fun, and enjoyed seeing the waterfall, her first, as well as playing in the river.
The Waterfall!
Another pretty spot in the river.

Back to the wildlife, unfortunately we came across a Timber Rattler.  Not my favorite kind of snake let me tell you.  This was actually the second snake, the other was just as scared of us, and took off, I think it was an Eastern King snake, which is harmless.  

Later, while we were eating dinner a White Tailed deer wandered through the picnic area.  They are rather abundant in Virginia, and you can see them everyday, but it was still neat.  A few friends had wandered farther up the highway and got to see a Black bear!  Wish I could have seen that, Little Monkey would have loved it!  After a dinner of grilled chicken sandwiches, and veggies, chips and dip, we sang some choruses until it started to rain!  We all quickly gathered our stuff and took off!  It was a great evening, even though the knats were awful!  I mean awful!  Even bug spray didn't work for them.  Oh well, it was still great fun!

Now, on to our winners!  The winner of the Handmade Dress giveaway is Nellana!
The winner of the Summer Daze giveaway is Shawna of A Very Dandoislion Life!  I have sent you both emails. 
I hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. GAH!!! Awesome!!!! This news just made my day!!! I'm checking my e-mail now so I can send you my address!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!