Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcycled Clothing

Hey all!  Sorry I've been so silent, I was trying to load a video for you all to see, but after three hours and many issues, I gave up.  I'll try it again, later....maybe.

For today, I have a sewing project for you all. A couple months ago I found this top at Goodwill, it was a woman's small, which would never fit me of course, but it would be cute as a skirt for Little Monkey.  Actually, I can't really say I found the top, Little Monkey did.  :)
sorry about these photos, had to use my phone.

I cut it off, and made a casing, then ran some 1 1/2 inch elastic through it, finished off the casing and voila, we have a skirt. 

Then, with the left over fabric, I made this flower clip/pin combo.

After that success, (yep, it was as success, LM loved it!) I decided to try and make a skirt for her.  However, I had too much fabric, and didn't realize it until I had the fabric all gathered up.  So, instead I pulled out a tank top I had gotten from Old Navy on clearance for $2.  I looked really cute with pants, but not with skirts because it was a little too long.

I added to rows of fabric to it, and we had a dress!  Little Monkey loved it!  She kept twirling around.  Then I got to looking at the dress and thought that it would look really cute with a short bolero jacket.  I remembered seeing one on a blog, and I"m sorry to say I didn't bookmark it so I don't know where I saw it, if you do, let me know I like to give credit where credit is due.  The blogger had taken a knit T-shirt and cut it apart to make a cute little bolero jacket.  So, I did the same thing.

I started with a $3 Granimals long sleeve shirt that LM wore this winter.  It still fit, but was almost too short.  I cut off the sleeves, cut about 6 inches off the bottom, and cut up the middle.  Then I got to looking at it, and decided it would be really cute with a ruffle.  So I cut apart the left over fabric, and put it through the ruffler on my sewing machine, and attached it to the jacket.  The sleeves got a rolled hem to finish them off.

After all that, Little Monkey tried it all on and told me the jacket needed a button.  Well, that couldn't happen, so I used the little bit of ruffled fabric to make a fabric rose pin to keep the jacket closed.

I love how this dress turned out, it was so fun!  I have one more skirt in the works, that used to be a dress, again from Goodwill, I'll have that to show you later this week hopefully!
I hope you all have a great week!
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  1. The dress is adorable! What a great post. I wish I could sew!

  2. That little bolero is so cute. But so is the model! Give her a hug from Auntie.

  3. Melissa, you are very creative! Love how the dress turned out!

  4. the red and white is so nice, what a cute outfit!