Friday, March 4, 2011

Cake Ball Lessons Learned....

First, I used a recipe from Bakerella, which was awesome!  She has great instructions, and they really are easy to make.  However, she didn't tell me that my almost 3 year old would be into EVERYTHING!

So, first lesson learned, send the kids to Grandma's house when you are going to make these, it will be less frustrating, and less mess!!
cake pops while they are setting up.

Second lesson, keep the cake balls in the fridge, only take out a few at a time to dip.  This is particularly true if you are making the cake pops.  After a few messed up cake pops, I figured out that it is best to dip the stick into the chocolate, as Bakerella suggests, then into the cake ball, and then put it back in the fridge till the chocolate sets.  Then when you dip the whole thing in the chocolate, the cake ball doesn't come off the stick.  If you do this, it will save you much frustration!
mix of cake and icing, before it is rolled into balls.

The third lesson, use a chocolate melting machine.  When my sister in law heard I was going to make chocolate covered cake balls, she offered her machine.  I melts the chocolate, and keeps it warm until you are done.  This was a huge help for me! 
As the chocolate starts to set, you can add sprinkles, don't do it too soon though!

So, there you have it, my lessons learned.  The cake balls and pops look so cute, and they taste pretty good too, though they are really sweet.  If you decide to make some, go to Bakerella's site, she has so many cute ones, and full instructions on each.  Did you she also has a book?  Yep, its all about making cake balls, pops, and cupcake pops! 
Tomorrow is the "big" party, so I'll show you prettier pictures of all of these goodies next week!  Don't forget, Sunday my birthday giveaway will start!


  1. I dont think I have the skills to make cake lollypops, but yours look cute and delish!

  2. They are really cute!