Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Make Flower Clips

Hello all!  We are back, and ready to begin a whole new year.  Oh, you didn't know we were gone?  Yep, we decided on the 20th that we were going to go to Texas and visit my family...on the 24th.  Yes, we are those relatives you hate.  We call 3 or 4 days before we are going to show up (sometimes only a day or two) and tell you that we found a great deal on tickets so can we come?  You say sure when? (thinking it will be weeks or months from now so you will have plenty of time to clean the spare room) We say, 3 days from now!  (you scream and think oh no!)  Thankfully my family is used to the last minute nature of our travels and they didn't mind a bit.  We left on the 24th early in the morning, and came home on the 31st.  It was a fun trip, even if a few of us got stomach bugs (not fun at all).  We didn't do any thrift shopping, like we normally would do, but hey can't do it all right?

So, you are thinking this is a tutorial?  Well, not quite.  While I was gone a whole lot of my friends asked how to make the hair clips I shared in my last post.  Well, I've compiled most of the blogs I got my info from right here for you.  This way, you can view a whole bunch of different tutorials if you want, and pick which one works best for you.

First up, a lady who always makes wonderful things, and makes me laugh when I ready her blog title.  Alison from Oopsey Daisy put together just over 6 dozen tutorials, gleaned from all over, on flower hair clips!  I know that took a ton of work.  Here are just a few of them, and links to the pages.

 Oopsey Daisy flower clip tutorials click here and here

Next up Jones Design Company offers two different tutorials, that are really easy, and really easy to change to suit your taste. 
photo by Jones Design Company
photo by Jones Design Company
There are also lots of other great tutorials from Jones Design Company as well, click here to see more!

 Most of the patterns I used came from the list Oopsey Daisy made, there are some really great flowers on those pages.  There are so many talented people out there, I am glad that they are willing to share their secrets on how to make something.  I hope you all find some fun clips to make and remember, these are not just for clips, they also make great pins.  Even for mommies!  Many of these flowers look great pinned on purses, or sweaters, or bags, or you can attach them to a gift for a little something extra.
Have fun crafting!


  1. Thanks Mel for the sources. I called your mom to see when you were going to be home and I was going to call you tomorrow and bug you about a tutorial. I need to do a b-day present and I think this will work well. Now I just need to get making! It was good seeing ya'll in TX.
    Aunt Maggie

  2. Thanks Melissa for your lovely comments re our recently completed bathroom reno. I'm spending a lot of time in there just standing & sighing, it's been a demolition/bomb site for so long! These flowers are so pretty, but as as I'm a total & abject craft failure, I'm banned from even attemtping them by the Crafting community!
    Millie x

  3. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful visit at Christmas. Sometimes those last minute plans are the ones that work out the best.
    It's amazing what a small world it can be. Little old Placervilee is such a cute town. It had been about 4 years since I was there and that was just passing through to go to Apple Hill.
    Happy New Year to you;-)