Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Own Set of Tools!!

I finally made a purchase this weekend that I've been wanting to make for 9 years.  You all are going to laugh at me, but that's okay.  I finally bought my OWN set of tools!  I know, what took me so long right?  Well, here's the story.  When we were engaged, and registering for gifts, I told hubby I wanted to register for a set of basic "home" tools.  You know, screw drivers, wrench, picture hanging kit, etc.  Hubby immediately said, no you won't need that I have so many tools you can just use mine.  Well, I shoulda known better.  Yep, he's always willing to let me use his tools.  Always.  However, they have to put back exactly where they BELONG, not where I found them.  Also, and this is totally my fault, I have a tendency to start something, and use a tool, then get sidetracked by other stuff, like kids needing things.  Then I don't get back to the project for an hour or two, or days, and the tools sit, and then of course hubby goes looking for it know the rest.  So I have been asking for a tool set every year, and every year he said it was okay to use his.  This year, he decided it would be good to have a set of my own.  : )  So, here is what I bought.

small ratchet set

pliers and several types of tweezers, which will be great for some of my craft projects

The whole enchilada! Screw driver with interchangeable tips, level, scissors, knife, mini clamps, pliers, hammer, wire cutter, adjustable wrench, two allan wrench sets, tape measure, 3 set tools (not quite sure what they are for)

No, its not Craftsmen, and my hubby thinks they are cheap, and junky, but for me, they are great!  Now I just have to convince Hubby that I was serious when I said I wanted a Dremel for my birthday.  For some reason he didn't totally believe me.  : )
PS The tools are cheap, on clearance at Lowe's, after tax, $27!!


  1. I keep telling my husband that he ought to give me his tools and then have his parent's buy him new tools for birthday and Christmas gifts. :)

    Congratulations!! :)

  2. Aunt Pat and Aunt Marce made me a tool box for a shower gift. I use it all the time. As a matter of fact I'm using it right now as I needed to get a screw driver to take off a drain cap to dump some "bulldozer" down it. I know your plumber hubby doesn't necessarily like that stuff but it works like a charm. Anyhoo...I digress...I've made a few of them for shower gifts myself. Great idea. What exactly is a "dremel"? LM