Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Apology...

Well, we are having fun (heavy sarcasm) here at Kensington Cottage today!  Ever had a one year old throw up on you?  Lets just say it is not a pleasant experience, and baby food doesn't smell any better on the return trip let me tell you.

Anyhow the apology, in my rant on Monday about bacon, I posted a picture of a crazy cat.  I did not notice at the time that in the upper corner it said OMG.  Now some of you are wondering why this is a big deal, its something that people say every day.  Well, its not something that I say, and I want to tell you why.  I want to live my life to honor God.  I believe that using omg is like using God's name in vain.  At least, the way it was used in the picture anyway.  I don't want to offend anyone, so I am sorry for posting this picture.  It has been edited, and the photo has been removed.


  1. I LOVE you for doing this! I'm a non-user of this acronym as well, Melissa.

    We say "gosh" here if we say it all. Thank you for honoring Him.


  2. God for you. In my mind I translate it to "Oh, My Goodness." But I don't use it either.