Sunday, October 10, 2010

Street Festival and a River Walk

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!  We had so much fun!  I'll start with last weekend, we went to a street festival here in our little town.  There were so many vendors, there were crafts, fundraiser drawings, antique and collectible sales, and food.  So much food!  There was 8 different kinds of BBQ, hot dogs, burgers, gyros, homemade potato chips, snow cones, ice cream, donuts, kettle corn, and many more!  Here are few pictures of the street:
This is at the end of Main St looking back towards "town"

This is one of the many booths with home decor and crafts.  I like their bowl with the candle and dried corn, it looked so like fall!

The lower half of Main St.

This is chocolate dipped bacon from the BBQ Exchange.
 If you all ever get to Gordonsville Virginia, you have got to stop in at the BBQ Exchange!  Their BBQ is awesome, and they make the best homemade mac'n cheese you've ever had.  They also make homemade pickles and 4 different types of cole slaw, as well we many other things.  If you like bacon, this is the place for you, they make bacon donuts, bacon brownies, and many other bacon items!
It was great fun!

This weekend we did the River Walk in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It is a long paved trail, but we only did a small section of it.  We started at Rt. 250 and walked to River View Park, about 2-3 miles each way.  The weather was perfect!  We also got to go wading in the river, it felt wonderful!  I was wishing I had extra cloths, I so wanted to just lay down in the water and relax, the water felt so awesome! Here are a few pictures.

This is what happens when you accidentally drop one of your socks in the river.  Needless to say we made a quick stop at the Dollar Tree for some dry socks for me!  Then on with the rest of the day!

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Oh it looks like a great day!!~ Cute with the one sock....we just came home from Roanoke and I am missing socks the way thanks for the visit....Roanoke was so much fun! Beautiful place.