Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Reveal

Hi All!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I sure did, but more about that later this week!
Today I want to show you my kitchen.  I really, really love my kitchen!  Its not perfect, after all, I'm not independently wealthy, but its great!!  I don't have a before picture, it was just an empty room then, sorry.

Here is what it looks like now.

The cabinets are made from Hickory, and were made by a friend.  Hubby installed the bubble glass in the cabinet doors himself.   Hubby and I looked at a lot of kitchens, and a lot of different types of cabinets and layouts before we decided on this.  I knew I wanted a corner cabinet, and not a blind corner, this made it a little difficult to fit the cabinets in the right places, but it works quite well!  I knew I wanted hickory cabinets, hubby was fine with that.  Why hickory?  I love the fact that is has lots of color variation, it goes from almost white to dark brown, it always looks interesting.  The cabinets have a natural finish, no stain.
Another view, if you are standing in front of the kitchen, this would be on the right side.  I love having my sink on the angled section here.  It is open to the living room and dinning room, so I can clean up after dinner and still visit with family and friends.  I love my faucet!  When hubby asked what I wanted, the only requirements I had were that it had to be as tall as possible, and it had to have a pull down spray.  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the faucet is made by American Standard.  Here is a little better view.
I also love the pendant lights.  They are really bright, which is nice when you are washing dark dishes, plus they just look kind of cheery.
We chose granite for the counter tops.  When we priced it out, it was only going to be about $500 more than special order formica.  For that difference, it was a no brainer.   Granite is so awesome.  I really, really love it.  It cleans up well, you can put a hot pan on it and it won't hurt it, it doesn't chip easily, it doesn't scratch easily, it is just great!
Here is the granite we chose.
It has lots of greens and some orange and peach, and gray, and white and black.  There tends to be two types of granite, one that is speckled, and one that have movement.  By movement I mean that there are lots of veins and they look like little streams all over the granite.  Our granite has lots of movement.
The only thing I have found about this granite, it is hard to find decor for the counter tops!  So many things just blend in!
So, tell me what you think, do you have any other decor ideas other than what I already have?
Have you recently or not so recently redone your kitchen?  What did you choose?  
I'd love to hear from you!!


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  1. So pretty Melissa! I love the hickory cabinets. The wood is just going to get more beautiful as they age. We redid our kitchen about 18 months ago. We had a nasty 70's kitchen that we completely gutted. Love it now!