Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steal Of A Deal

Today's Steal of a Deal is from Hubby!!  Last night he came home a bit earlier than usual, of course my little Monkey was at the door anxious to run out and see Daddy.  After a while, when they had not come in, I went to investigate.  My little Monkey was jumping around all excited, she told me Daddy got her a surprise!  When I asked her what it was, she yelled "a big girl bed!!!"  I was pretty surprised too!  We have been looking for an old iron bed for quite sometime, but they have always been more than we could afford to pay.  Last year, just before we moved into our new house, we found the perfect bed!  It was red, and just chippy enough that the age showed, but still in great shape, the antique dealer was asking $150 for it, which was not a bad deal.  However, we just didn't have any extra at the time.  Since then, we've gone several times a month to the same antique store just to see if he has anything like it, occasionally he does.  Last night he had one, it was red, a twin, and .....(drum roll please!) only $50!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, of course Hubby couldn't pass it up!

We decided to go ahead and set it up, even though we had no mattresses for it.  Of course, we decided this at 10 pm, when the Monkey should have been in bed and asleep already, but she wasn't (thanks to a late shopping run).  So we pulled the crib out, then realized that Mommy had fallen down on the job!  The baseboards were dusty and yucky, and the carpet under the crib was in desperate need of vaccuming! (sorry, it's just one of those places you forget about.)  After that of course, we had to do all the baseboards (since we were moving furniture all around), and vaccume the rest of the floor.  The little Monkey was just dying to sleep in her new bed, and we do not have twin mattress' so we improvised.  We had a double mattress set that we put on it for now.  It works, although, please don't pay attention to the lovely sheets on it. (They were a gift, not my first choice, but they have been great for the last 8 years.) 

So, the little Monkey slept on a big girl bed last night, and slept in till 9 this morning, which was so nice for Mommy!  I've got a collection of linens I've been saving for when she got a bed, so when we get twin mattress' for this bed, I'll show it off again.  I'm, also hoping to make a quilt for it, but that may have to wait for winter, when hopefully I'll have more time to work on one.

Do you have a Steal of a Deal you'd like to show off?  Send me an email and show it off to me, you just might find it posted next week!  Plus, I love to see what deals you all are getting!


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