Friday, November 30, 2012

Tiny Headbands for the American Girl

Happy Friday!  I've gotta say it, I am glad this week is almost over!  Yesterday I had five kids under the age of five at my house, that can be summed up with one word, INSANITY!  It wasn't all bad, but I was glad to hand them off to their parents last night, and relax with three of my favorite things, hazelnut hot chocolate, rice crispy treats that Hubby and Little Monkey made (and cleaned up!), and a good book. 

I don't know about your girls, but Little Monkey had joined the American Girl doll craze!  Several of her friends got AG dolls this year when they turned five, and she cannot wait to get one!  She is saving her money because she wants to buy it on her own.  I am really happy she wanted to do that, and she is getting close, she needs less than $50 and she will have the doll!  Its been fun watching her save up and dream about the Caroline doll she wants. 

The thing about AG, its not just the doll girls want, they want the cloths, and shoes, and hats, and horses, and boats, and and and.  This stuff is not cheap!  As you know I do sew, but I have to admit I really hate to sew doll cloths.  They are so tiny, and you have to make them very differently from kids or adults cloths.  In an effort to avoid making too many cloths for LM's friends birthday presents, I decided to try my hand at hair stuff.  Little girls love to "do" their dolls hair, but at five they don't really know how to do much other than tangle it!  I made these little stretchy headbands that perfectly fit the AG dolls..

They were such a big hit at the first party we were at, all the girls asked for some for their birthdays too.  I got to thinking and decided maybe other little girls would like some too!  So, if you are thinking your daughter needs some for her doll hop on over to my etsy store, you can see it in the sidebar, and pick some up!  If you want specific colors let me know, I would be glad to do a special order for you!

I am hoping to work on some other headbands this weekend with some flowers, and also some velvet headbands to add to the store as well. 
I hope you all have a great weekend!!  I know we will!

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