Friday, November 9, 2012

Bright Cheery Baby Room for J!!

Some of you know my middle sister, Lois, formerly of the blog Frugal Decor Mom.   She is one busy lady these days with three munchkins, homeschool, and life in general!  Lois had a little girl the end of last year, and she went all out on decorating her room.  It is bright and cheerful, and I personally love it!  She let me sneak a few pictures on a recent trip.

Meet my adorable squeezable niece J.  She is such a cutie and so happy too.  I love her duck fluff hair! 

Here is her super bright cheery room.
 I really love this quilt, my  Mom made it, my sister picked out all the fabrics.  Lois also painted the crib, and made the pillow, bumper pads, and bed skirt.

I don't recall where Lois said she saw this tree idea, I want to say Pottery Barn, but I could be wrong.  She got all the frames at Ikea for typical cheap Ikea prices and made the tree pattern herself.

This is another thing my crafty sister put together.  She made every one of the flowers on that lamp shade, by hand!!  It is a really fun lamp, the base was a thrift store find.  If you want one like it, you can check out her etsy store The Pretty Little Posie and buy one for yourself!

Again, crafty girl at work, this is a canvas that Lois painted.  It ties the room together beautifully!

Pillows she made!

Can't you tell she just loves this room? Don't forget to check out Lois' etsy store, The Pretty Little Posie and use coupon code Grandopening to get 10% off!!

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