Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Great Veggie Experiment: Napa Cabbage

So, I fell a little behind on my veggie experiment, but we are back on track.  While my mom was here last week we tried Napa Cabbage.  We also introduced mom to two of our veggies that she had never had, parsnips and kale, both were a hit!

For our napa cabbage I decided to try a recipe from my favorite cook book,  Our Best Bites.  You can also find the recipe on the website Our Best Bites.

This is the Thai Peanut Noodle Salad.
Isn't it a pretty salad?  This is a great salad for lunch, it is so filling I didn't feel hungry after I finished like I do with some salads.  The dressing is really good, but you definitely need Sriracha hot sauce to make it perfect, it needs that little bit of bite or else it is too sweet. 

This weekend we are going to try Turnips!  I'll let you all know how they go over!


  1. Wow. lovely place setting there. Cabbage is good, but I don't like the after-effects on me. A little goes a long ways, so in salad it would tone it down. I should have to try this.