Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On The Road Again.....

I know, I dissapeared on you all again!  Well I had a good reason!!  A few weeks ago I found out there was a chance I might be able to see my parents for a brief weekend visit.  All I had to do was find a ride to Oklahoma.  Since I had two different friends who were driving their RV's out I was able to find a ride. 

This was our ride!  It was very comfortable.  We had 11 people, 6 adults and 5 kids.  I have to say I really enjoyed the drive, we were able to move around as needed, and the kids played well together.  We took a northern route on the way out, I was able to see the Arch for the first time.  I definitely would like to visit St. Louis sometime, it looks like a neat city!  Once we got to Oklahoma, my Little Monkey and I jumped right into my mom's car and headed to Texas.  Now, this was not the original plan, mom and dad were going to come to OK for a wedding and we would have the weekend together.  Then my dad hurt his back and instead we went to Texas for 3 days.  We spent Thursday with my family, and had a nice family dinner. 

Friday I spent part of the day with my middle sister Lois and her kids shopping at Ikea.  I really wish we had an Ikea closer than 1 1/2 hours away.  There were so many things I "needed"!!  I ended up buying curtains for Little Monkey's room, and an orange throw for my living room. 

Of course, after all that we HAD to go to here for lunch.

Now if you have never been to In-n-Out before you wouldn't understand the craze.  I grew up in SoCal where In-n-Out is a staple.  They have great burgers and fries, and awesome shakes!  We thoroughly enjoyed the lunch!

Saturday we spent the day at the Ft Worth Science Museum with my youngest sister and her family.  It was so much fun!!  I really, really enjoyed the visit.  It is great for kids, there is so much hands on!  Here are a few pictures of the time.
This is a display of all the cattle brands in Texas. They hang from the ceiling, its pretty awesome!
Antique quilt made by Florida Lewis in the mid 1800's
Child sized grocery store where the kids can shop and scan items.  Great fun for them!!  They also had a nursery with an ambulance, computers, a trolley car, and so much more that the kids could touch and play with.
Sunday morning we got up early, and left by 10 for Oklahoma again.  This time my youngest sister April and her husband took us back.  We had about 2 hours to visit in OK and then it was back in the motor home  for us!  We got home Monday night.  It was a great trip, I would totally do it again!  We spent a lot of time in a vehicle, but at least we got to see my whole family.  It had been a year since I last saw my dad and youngest sister, so even though he wasn't feeling well, it was good to spend time with him.  I also finally got to meet my little niece, and after today I will have one more!  I wish I could have stayed to meet her, but such is life!!

I hope you all had a great week!


  1. Spur of the moment trips are so fun and it really makes you appreciate the time together. Good for you!

  2. Wow Melissa, sounds like a fun whirlwind trip! We get to see both of the new nieces next week. Can't wait.